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Publication Citation: Handovers and Interference Mitigation in Healthcare Environments

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Author(s): Nicolas Chevrollier; Nicolas Montavont; Nada T. Golmie;
Title: Handovers and Interference Mitigation in Healthcare Environments
Published: October 17, 2005
Abstract: In this article, we consider candidate wireless technologies such as IEEE 802.11b, and IEEE 802.15.4 that can support medical and healthcare informatics applications. The main questions that we try to answer are: (1) is there any potential for significant interference when these wireless technologies are present? (2) what are potential solutions to mitigate it? We consider a handover technique for IEEE 802.11b devices as an effective way to mitigate interference and improve performance. We propose the use of packet loss and retransmissions at layer 2 in order to trigger a WLAN access point handover. Performance for scenarios of interest is measured in terms of packet loss, packet retransmissions, and delay jitter.
Conference: Military Communications Conference
Proceedings: MILCOM 2005
Dates: October 17-21, 2005
Keywords: handovers,healthcare wireless applications,interference mitigation,WLAN,WPAN
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