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IEEE Standards Working Group P1622 on Voting Systems Electronic Data Interchange Current Project Status    

As part of its voting program, NIST is undertaking a project in conjunction with IEEE whose goal is to create an IEEE standard for an XML-based common data format (CDF) for election systems. A CDF will facilitate interoperability among voting devices and certain types of automated testing. Election officials desire that interoperability of data will increase choice of voting equipment, will make possible component certification, and will significantly ease current difficulties in interfacing voting devices to external entities such as voter registration databases and reporting outlets. Manufacturers competing in an international business environment desire a CDF that works in international environments as well as the U.S.

NIST is working with the IEEE Project P1622 working group on Voting Systems Electronic Data Interchange, in conjunction with the Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards (OASIS), to arrive at a CDF standard by calendar years 2012-13. IEEE P1622 is using the OASIS EML (Election Markup Language) international standard as the basis for the development of its CDF standards. The scope of the work includes:

  • Exports of voter registration information from state voter registration databases
  • Voter registration data and precinct information processed by electronic pollbooks
  • Candidate and ballot definition information
  • Voted ballot information and tabulations
  • Device logs
  • Other information that may be produced by election management systems


To address the above items, IEEE is developing a series of use case standards whose scope is focused on a specific aspect of election data, i.e., a use case standard for voter registration database export will focus specifically on the data required from voter registration databases for import into voting devices such as electronic pollbooks and election management systems.

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