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Strategic Goal:Smart Manufacturing, Construction, and Cyber-Physical Systems

Enable the next generation of innovative and competitive manufacturing, construction, and cyber-physical systems through advances in measurement science.

With an emphasis on smart, El research projects aim to speed development, adoption, and integration of leading-edge intelligent technologies to advance U.S. manufacturing and construction performance and the quality and durability of its cyber-physical infrastructure, such as transportation systems, smart grid, two-way power networks, and remote medical monitoring, diagnostic, and treatment capabilities.

Through research that stretches the limits of measurement science and pushes the envelope of current measurement and test capabilities, EL will:

  • Safely increase the versatility, autonomy, and rapid re-tasking of intelligent robots and automation technologies for smart manufacturing and cyber-physical systems applications;
  • Enable real-time monitoring, control, and performance optimization of smart manufacturing systems in the factories of small, medium, and large companies;
  • Enable rapid, agile, and cost-effective production of complex, first-to-market products through advanced manufacturing processes and equipment; and
  • Facilitate straightforward integration of engineering information systems used in complex manufacturing and construction networks to improve product and process performance.
  • Lead, coordinate and accelerate national and international development of interoperability and cybersecurity smart grid standards, conformity assessment and research to support the smart grid modernization of the Nation’s electrical grid.
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Goal Leads

Al Wavering
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Vijay Srinivasan

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Mark Palmer
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