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Distributed Control (Actuating Based on Local Measurement)

  • What is distributed control?
Distributed control means when a Smart Transducer Interface Module (STIM) containing transducers of both sensor and actuator types is connected to a Network Capable Application Processor (NCAP) connected to the network. The STIM can perform local measurement and control functions as directed by the NCAP anywhere in the network.
  • What is an example of distributed control?
Sensors and actuators connected to the STIM of an NCAP can perform a localized control function like maintaining the constant temperature of a bath, the constant pressure of a hydraulic system or the constant flow of a liquid in a pipe. The NCAP reports measured data, process information and control status to other NCAP(s), a remote station or host in the network, which frees the host from actually having to operate or control itself.