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What are Cyber-Physical Systems or CPS?

  • Is a CPS any engineered system with a microprocessor?
  • Do all CPS need to be connected to the internet?
  • Are there a set of basic functions and architectural elements common to all CPS?

You are invited to join us in answering these questions and charting the path to the future.

Cyber-Physical Systems or “smart” systems are co-engineered interacting networks of physical and computational components. These systems are at the heart of our critical infrastructure and form the basis of our future smart services.  These promise increased efficiency and interaction between computer networks and the physical world enabling advances that improve the quality of life, including advances such as in personalized health care, emergency response, traffic flow management, and the electric power generation and delivery.

The NIST Engineering Laboratory, through its Cyber-Physical Systems and Smart Grid Program Office, is leading a NIST-wide program to advance Cyber-Physical Systems.

  • NIST SmartAmerica Challenge, in which 24 team representing over 100 organizations from academia, industry and government are demonstrating how CPS can improve health care, emergency response, transportation and more while fostering jobs and economic growth.
  • NIST Cyber-Physical Systems Public Working Group (CPS PWG), which has been launched to bring together experts to help define and shape key aspects of CPS to accelerate its development and implementation within multiple sectors of our economy. The first CPS PWG face-to-face meeting  (live link to webpage ) was held on August 11-12, 2014, and subgroups are continuing to meet virtually on a bi-weekly basis.

  • CPS research and standards development in multiple NIST Laboratories, including in smart manufacturing, cybersecurity, disaster resilience, smart grid, and many additional programs.

Chris Greer
Director, Smart Grid and Cyber-Physical Systems Program Office

David Wollman
Deputy Director, Smart Grid and Cyber-Physical Systems Program Office

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Conferences and Events
Grid 3.0 Workshop
March 26-27, 2015