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211. Binding and Electron Transfer Between Putidaredoxin and Cytochrome P450cam (CYP101). Theory and Experiments
Topic: Life Sciences Research
Published: 9/9/1998
Authors: A. E. Roitberg, Marcia J Holden, M P. Mayhew, I V Kurnikov, D N Beratan, V L. Vilker
Abstract: A necessary step in understanding biological function in multiple metalloprotein redox systems is the description of protein-protein binding and electron transfer between two distant metal centers. In this communication, we present experimental and ...

212. Exploration of the Structural Environment of the Iron-Sulfur Cluster in Putidaredoxin by Nitrogen-15 NMR Spectroscopy of Selectively Labeled Cysteine Residues
Topic: Life Sciences Research
Published: 8/28/1998
Authors: Fahriye Nese Sari, Marcia J Holden, M P. Mayhew, V L. Vilker, B Coxon
Abstract: Putidaredoxin is a di-iron protein whose paramagnetic region is not well characterized by ^u1^H detected NMR. We have studied the structure of this region in greater detail by directly observed ^u15^N NMR of oxidized and reduced putidaredoxin prepar ...

213. Conformational Changes in the Crystal Structure of Rat Glutathione Transferase M1-1 with Global Substitution of 3-Fluorotyrosine for Tyrosine
Topic: Life Sciences Research
Published: 8/14/1998
Authors: G Xiao, J F Parsons, K Tesh, R N Armstrong, G L. Gilliland
Abstract: The structure of the tetradeca-(3-fluorotyrosyl) M1-1 GSH transferase (3-Ftyr GSH transferase), a protein in which tyrosine residues are globally substituted by 3-fluorotyrosines, has been determined at 2.2 resolution. This variant was produced t ...

214. Determination of the Conformations of cAMP Receptor Protein and Its T127L/S128A Mutant with and without cAMP from Small Angle Neutron Scattering Measurements
Topic: Life Sciences Research
Published: 8/7/1998
Authors: Susan Krueger, I Gorshkova, J W. Brown, J Hoskins, K H. McKenney, Frederick P. Schwarz
Abstract: Small angle scattering measurements were performed on solutions of cAMP receptor protein (CRP) and on solutions of the T127->A double mutant of CRP (DM) in D^d2^O K^d3^PO^d4^ buffer containing 0.6 M KCl, in the absence and presence of 3',5' cyclic ad ...

215. Stark Spectroscopy of Tryptamine Immobilized on a Gold Electrode
Topic: Life Sciences Research
Published: 7/15/1998
Authors: Adolfas Kastytis Gaigalas, Vytautas Reipa, G. Niaura

216. Vanadate Complex Spectroscopy at the RNase A Active Site
Topic: Life Sciences Research
Published: 7/15/1998
Authors: Morris Krauss, B. D. Wladkowski

217. Structure (1.3 Å) and Charge States of a Ribonuclease A-Uridine Vanadate Complex: Implications for the Phosphate Ester Hydrolysis Mechanism
Topic: Life Sciences Research
Published: 6/10/1998
Authors: B Wladkowski, L A Svensson, L Sjolin, Jane E Ladner, G L. Gilliland

218. Phototransformation and Proton Pumping Activity of the 14-fluoro Bacteriorhodopsin Derivatives
Topic: Life Sciences Research
Published: 5/28/1998
Authors: A. B. Druzhko, B Robertson, R. Alverez, A. R. de Lera, H H. Weetall

219. Crystal Structure of apo-cellular Retinoic Acid-Binding Protein Type II (R111M) Suggests a Mechanism of Ligand Entry
Topic: Life Sciences Research
Published: 5/8/1998
Authors: X. Chen, M Tordova, G L. Gilliland, Lili Wang, Y Li, H. Yan, X. Ji

220. Primary and Tertiary Structures of the Fab Fragment of a Monoclonal Anti-E-Selectin 7A9 Antibody That Inhibits Neutrophil Attachment to Endothelial Cells
Topic: Life Sciences Research
Published: 5/8/1998
Authors: A Rodriguez-Romero, O Almog, M Tordova, Z Randhawa, G L. Gilliland

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