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201. Genetically Engineered Metal Ion Binding Sites on the Outside of a Channel's Transmembrane {Beta}-Barrel
Topic: Life Sciences Research
Published: 2/1/1999
Authors: John J Kasianowicz, D L Burden, L C Han, S Cheley, H Bayley
Abstract: We are exploring the ability of genetically engineered versions of the Staphlococcus aureus {alpha}HL} ion channel to serve as rationally designed sensor components for analytes including divalent cations. We show here that neither the hemolytic act ...

202. Electronic Structure and Spectra of Oxovanadium Silicate
Topic: Life Sciences Research
Published: 1/11/1999
Author: Morris Krauss
Abstract: The electronic structure and spectroscopy of the oxovanadium catalytic center on a silica surface is modeled with the molecule OV(OSIH^d3^)3. Excited electronic states are examined at optimized geometries for the ground singlet and triplet states. ...

203. Cysteines beta 93 and beta 112 as Probes of Conformational and Functional Events at the Human Hemoglobin Subunit Interfaces
Topic: Life Sciences Research
Published: 1/1/1999
Authors: G B. Vasquez, M Karavitis, X Ji, I Pechik, W S Brinigar, G L. Gilliland, C Fronticelli
Abstract: Human hemoglobin is a tetrameric protein containing two types of subunits, [alpha] and [Beta]. They assemble forming two different interfaces. The [alpha^d1^[Beta}^d1^ (and [alpha]^d2^[Beta]^d2^) interface stabilize the two dimers and is not modifi ...

204. Self Assembly Driven by Hydrophobic Interaction at Alkanethiol Monolayers: Mechanism of Formation of Hybrid Bilayer Membranes
Topic: Life Sciences Research
Published: 12/14/1998
Authors: J B Hubbard, Vitalii Ivanovich Silin, Anne L Plant

205. Electron Transfer between Surface {?}confined Cytochrome c and an N-acetylcystein-modified Gold Electrode
Topic: Life Sciences Research
Published: 12/8/1998
Authors: T Ruzgas, L S Wong, Adolfas Kastytis Gaigalas, V L. Vilker

206. Differential Scanning Calorimetric Studies of the Glycoprotein, Winged Bean Acidic Lectin, Isolated from the Seeds of Psophocarpus Tetrogonolobus
Topic: Life Sciences Research
Published: 12/1/1998
Authors: V R Srinivasa, N C Singha, F P Schwarzm, A Surolia

207. Mapping Oxidative DNA Damage at Nucleotide Level
Topic: Life Sciences Research
Published: 12/1/1998
Authors: H Rodriguez, S. A. Akman

208. Spectroscopy of 2-aminopurine: An MCSCF Study
Topic: Life Sciences Research
Published: 12/1/1998
Authors: E L Rachofsky, J B Ross, Morris Krauss, R Osman
Abstract: 2-aminopurine (2AP) is a highly fluorescent isomer of adenine that can be incorporated into DNA as a probe of structure, dynamics, and protein-DNA interactions. Interpretation of the fluorescence of 2AP in DNA requires a model of the electronic stru ...

209. Substrate Specificity of the Ntg1 and Ntg2 Proteins of Saccharomyces cerevisiae for Modified Bases in Oxidatively Damaged DNA
Topic: Life Sciences Research
Published: 12/1/1998
Authors: S. Senturker, P Auffret van der kemp, H -J You, P W Doetsch, M. Dizdaroglu, B Boiteux

210. Nucleoside Diphosphate Kinase from Bovine Retina: Purification, Subcellular Localization, Molecular Cloning, and Three-dimensional Structure
Topic: Life Sciences Research
Published: 10/6/1998
Authors: N G Abdulaev, G N Karaschuk, Jane E Ladner, D L Kakuev, A V Yakhyaev, M. Tordova, I O Gaidarov, V I Popov, J H Fujiwara, D Chinchilla, E Eisenstein, G L. Gilliland, K D. Ridge

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