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941. Reverse Noise Measurement and Use in Device Characterization
Topic: Manufacturing
Published: 6/10/2006
Authors: James Paul Randa, Tom McKay, Susan L. Sweeney, David K Walker, Lawrence Wagner, David R. Greenberg, Jon Tao, G. Ali Rezvani
Abstract: We review the concept of reverse noise measurements in the context of on-wafer transistor noise characterization. Several different applications of reverse noise measurements are suggested and demonstrated. Reverse measurements can be used to check m ...

942. Review of Research on the Ground Truth Systems for Evaluating Part Identification Systems
Series: NIST Interagency/Internal Report (NISTIR)
Report Number: 7926
Topic: Manufacturing
Published: 4/23/2013
Authors: Afzal A Godil, Roger D. Eastman, Tsai Hong Hong
Abstract: In this report we discuss different types of potential ground-truth systems that could be used to test part identification systems for manufacturing assembly applications. We discuss four main ways of acquiring ground truth for evaluating part re ...

943. Review of SI Traceable Force Metrology for Instrumented Indentation and Atomic Force Microscopy
Topic: Manufacturing
Published: 9/23/2005
Authors: David B Newell, John A Kramar, Jon Robert Pratt, Douglas T Smith
Abstract: This paper reviews the current status of small force metrology for quantitative instrumented indentation and atomic force microscopy (AFM), and in particular focuses on new electrical and deadweight standards of force developed at the National Instit ...

944. Rheology of Poly(ethylene oxide) Clay Solutions
Topic: Manufacturing
Published: 8/1/2002
Authors: Sheng Lin-Gibson, G Schmidt, Jai Avinash Pathak, Charles C. Dr. Han
Abstract: Poly(ethylene oxide) and Laponite, a synthetic hectorite clay, form highly viscoelastic solutions in water. Above a certain clay concentration, these solutions can be described as physical crosslinked networks where clay platelets undergo equilibriu ...

945. RoHS Harmonization - Progress Toward a Single Global Standard?
Topic: Manufacturing
Published: 7/13/2007
Author: Eric D Simmon
Abstract: The lack of global harmonization of RoHS initiatives has been a major headache for the electronics industry, to say the least. A number of organizations have been working very diligently to move standards closer together, with the hope that at some p ...

946. Robots to the Rescue
Topic: Manufacturing
Published: 6/30/2009
Author: Elena R Messina
Abstract: Despite current limitations, robots can still play a significant role in helping the response community by being their eyes and ears in dangerous, unknown, or difficult-to-access locations. This article describes how the National Institute of Stan ...

947. Rockwell Hardness - A Method-Dependent Standards Reference Material
Topic: Manufacturing
Published: 7/1/1999
Authors: Samuel Rea Low III, R Gettings, Walter S Liggett Jr, Jun-Feng Song
Abstract: Rockwell hardness is a method-dependent measurement of the deformation of a material in response to an applied force. It is not a fundamental physical property of a material. There are no alternative measurement systems to directly or independently m ...

948. Room-temperature Single-electron Memory Made by Pulse-mode Atomic Force Microscopy Nano-oxidation Process on Atomically Flat Alpha-alumina Substrate
Topic: Manufacturing
Published: 1/10/2000
Authors: K Matsumoto, Y Gotoh, T Maeda, John A Dagata, J S Harris
Abstract: A single-electron memory was fabricated using the improved pulse-mode atomic force microscopy nano oxidation process which oxidized the surface of the thin titanium (Ti) metal on the atomically flat -alumina (-Al2O3) substrate and formed the narrow o ...

949. Round Robin Determination of Power Spectral Densities of Different Si Wafer Surfaces
Topic: Manufacturing
Published: 3/1/1998
Authors: Egon Marx, I J Malik, Y Strausser, T Bristow, N Poduje, J C Stover
Abstract: Power spectral densities (PSDs) were used to characterize a set of surfaces over a wide range of lateral as well as perpendicular dimensions. Twelve 200-mm-diameter Si wafers were prepared and the surface finishes ranged from as-ground wafers to epit ...

950. Roundness Measurements Using the NIST Fiber Probe
Topic: Manufacturing
Published: 1/1/2007
Authors: Balasubramanian Muralikrishnan, Jack A Stone Jr, John Richard Stoup
Abstract: We have described a fiber probe for dimensional measurement of micro-holes in the 2004 and 2006 ASPE annual meetings. In this abstract, we describe the adaptation of this probe for measuring roundness of tiny holes and knife edge apertures. In its cu ...

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