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941. The Challenges of Nanometrology
Topic: Manufacturing
Published: 1/1/2002
Author: Michael T Postek
Abstract: The promise and challenge of nanotechnology is immense. The National Nanotechnology Initiative provides an opportunity to develop a new technological base for U.S. Industry. Nanometrology is the basis of the new measurement methods that must be dev ...

942. The Coming of Age of Tilt CD-SEM
Topic: Manufacturing
Published: 3/1/2007
Authors: B Bunday, J Allgair, E Solecky, C Archie, Ndubuisi George Orji
Abstract: The need for 3D metrology is becoming more urgent to address critical gaps in metrology for both lithographic and etch processes. Current generation lithographic processing (ArF source, where lambda=193 nm) sometimes results in photoresist lines with ...

943. The DOE2000 Materials MicroCharacterization Collaboratory
Topic: Manufacturing
Published: 1/1/1998
Authors: E Voelkl, K Alexander, J Mabon, M O'Keefe, Michael T Postek, M Wright, N J Zaluzec
Abstract: The Materials Microcharacterization Collaboratory (MMC) was created last year as a pilot project within the U.S. Department of Energy''s DOE2000 program. The DOE2000 program has, as its main goals, to develop improved capabilities for solving DOE''s ...

944. The Design of an Atomic Force Microscope for Metrology
Topic: Manufacturing
Published: 1/1/1994
Authors: T Mcwaid, J Schneir
Abstract: Atomic force microscope (AFM) is a rapidly evolving technique which has been used in numerous academic studies since its invention eight years ago. AFM manufacturers are now marketing instruments for industrial metrology applications. The National In ...

945. The Development of a Calibrated Atomic Force Microscope
Topic: Manufacturing
Published: 1/1/1994
Authors: T Mcwaid, J Schneir
Abstract: Advances in the manufacture of integrated circuits, x-ray optics, magnetic read-write heads, optical data storage media, razor blades, etc. require advances in ultraprecision metrology. Each of these industries is currently investigating the use of A ...

946. The Development of an Industrial Standard (Standard Reference Material) SRM 2090
Topic: Manufacturing
Published: 11/22/1996
Author: Michael T Postek
Abstract: This management report documents, as a case study, the development of a new industrial standard, SRM 2090, from the view point of the technologist. This report can be viewed as a generic template for the development of a state-of-the-art NIST standar ...

947. The Dimensional Markup Language Specification for Inspection Results Data
Topic: Manufacturing
Published: 10/1/2009
Author: William G Rippey
Abstract: The Dimensional Markup Language (DML) specification defines a data model and Extensible Model Language (XML) encoding rules for dimensional inspection results for discrete parts. To support manufacturing quality assurance processes, DML results file ...

948. The Effect of Gaussian Filter Long Wavelength Cutoff in Topography Comparisons and Measurements
Topic: Manufacturing
Published: 1/1/2006
Authors: Jun-Feng Song, Lijun Ma, Theodore Vincent Vorburger
Abstract: Five parameters are used for 2D and 3D topography comparisons and measurements, those include two correlation parameters Ds and CCFmax , and three surface parameters: the r-m-s roughness Rq (or Sq for 3D), r-m-s waviness Wq and Gaussian filter long w ...

949. The Effects of Quantization on 3D Topography Characterization
Topic: Manufacturing
Published: 2/1/1994
Authors: E Mainsah, P Sullivan, K Stout
Abstract: This paper investigates the influence of quantization on 3D surface characterization by carrying out an analysis of surface parameter changes on a range of real and simulated surfaces. The changes in parameters are calculated as a percentage of the o ...

950. The Estimation of Measurement Uncertainty of Small Circular Features Measured by CMMs
Series: NIST Interagency/Internal Report (NISTIR)
Report Number: 5698
Topic: Manufacturing
Published: 2/1/1995
Authors: Steven David Phillips, Bruce R. Borchardt, William Tyler Estler
Abstract: This paper examines the measurement uncertainty of small circular features as a function of the sampling strategy, i.e., the number and distribution of measurement points. Specifically, we examine measuring a circular feature using a three-point samp ...

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