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51. A Method to Characterize Overlay Tool Misalignments and Distortions
Topic: Manufacturing
Published: 7/1/1997
Authors: Richard M Silver, James Edward Potzick, Fredric Scire, Christopher J. Evans, Michael L McGlauflin, Edward A Kornegay, Robert D. Larrabee
Abstract: A new optical alignment artifact under development at NIST is described. This structure, referred to as a stepped microcone, is designed to assist users and manufacturers of overlay metrology tools in the reduction of tool-induced measurement errors. ...

52. A Metric for the Comparison of Surface Topographies of Standard Reference Material (SRM) Bullets and Casings
Topic: Manufacturing
Published: 10/1/2005
Authors: Jun-Feng Song, Theodore Vincent Vorburger, Li Ma, John M Libert, Susan M Ballou
Abstract: Based on the maximum cross-correlation function, CCFmax, a new parameter called signature difference, Ds, is developed for verifying the similarity of the 2D and 3D ballistics signatures of the standard bullets and of the prototype standard casings. ...

53. A Metrology Approach to Unifying Rockwell C Hardness Scales
Topic: Manufacturing
Published: 1/1/1995
Authors: Jun-Feng Song, J Smith, Theodore Vincent Vorburger
Abstract: Current Rockwell C hardness scales (HRC) are unified by performance comparisons. Unless a reliable metrology approach is used for the direct verification of standard hardness machines and diamond indenters, the unified hardness scale may exhibit a sy ...

54. A Model for Step Height, Edge Slope and Linewidth Measurements Using AFM
Topic: Manufacturing
Published: 1/1/2003
Authors: Xuezeng Zhao, Theodore Vincent Vorburger, Joseph Fu, Jun-Feng Song, C Nguyen
Abstract: Nano-scale linewidth measurements are performed in semiconductor manufacturing and in the data storage industry and will become increasingly important in micro-mechanical engineering. With the development of manufacturing technology in recent years, ...

55. A Modular System Architecture for Agile Assembly of Nano-Components using Optical Tweezers
Topic: Manufacturing
Published: 9/1/2005
Authors: Arvind Kumar Balijepalli, Thomas W LeBrun, et al

56. A Modular System Architecture for Agile Assembly of Nanocomponents using Optical Tweezers
Topic: Manufacturing
Published: 9/10/2005
Authors: Arvind Kumar Balijepalli, Thomas W LeBrun, Cedric Victor Lucien Gagnon, Yong-Gu Lee, Nicholas G Dagalakis
Abstract: In order to realize the flexibility optical trapping offers as a nanoassembly tool, we need to develop natural and intuitiveinterfaces to assemble large quantities of nanocomponents quickly and cheaply. We propose a system to create such aninterface ...

57. A Monte Carlo Model for SEM Linewidth Metrology
Topic: Manufacturing
Published: 5/1/1994
Authors: J R. Lowney, Michael T Postek, Andras Vladar
Abstract: A scanning electron microscope (SEM) can be used to measure the dimensions of the microlithographic features of integrated circuits. However, without a good model of the electron-beam / specimen interaction, accurate edge location cannot be obtained. ...

58. A Multi-Criteria Web Services Composition Problem
Topic: Manufacturing
Published: 6/20/2007
Authors: Jeong Buhwan, Hyunbo Cho, Boonserm Kulvatunyou, Albert W Jones
Abstract: With its prevalence in enterprise applications integration, the service-oriented approach has been studied in various ways. The popularity, however, results in a number of different standards and implementations. The approach needs agreed-upon defini ...

59. A Multiscale Fabrication Approach to Microfluidic System Development
Topic: Manufacturing
Published: 1/1/2004
Authors: Tony L Schmitz, John A Dagata, Brian S. Dutterer, W G Sawyer
Abstract: Microfluidic systems for analytical, medical, and sensing applications integrate optical or electrical readouts in low-cost, low-volume consumption systems. Embedding chemically functionalized templates with nanoscale topography within these devices ...

60. A Neural Network Meta-Model and its Application for Manufacturing
Topic: Manufacturing
Published: 10/29/2015
Authors: David Jacques Antoine Lechevalier, Ronay Ak, Steven Hudak, Yung-Tsun Tina Lee, Sebti Foufou
Abstract: Manufacturing generates a vast amount of data both from operations and simulation. Extracting appropriate information from this data can provide insights to increase a manufacturer's competitive advantage through improved sustainability, product ...

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