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11. 2D and 3D Surface Texture Comparisons Using Autocorrelation Functions
Topic: Manufacturing
Published: 1/1/2005
Authors: Jun-Feng Song, Li Ma, Eric Paul Whitenton, Theodore Vincent Vorburger
Abstract: Autocorrelation and cross-correlation functions are proposed for 2D and 3D surface texture comparisons. At the maximum correlation point of the two correlated surface textures, there is a peak shown at the cross-correlation curve. It is proposed to g ...

12. 2nd Annual Tri-National Workshop on Standards for Nanotechnology - (NIST presentations)
Topic: Manufacturing
Published: 12/10/2008
Authors: Ronald G Dixson, Jon Robert Pratt, Vincent A Hackley, James Edward Potzick, Richard A Allen, Ndubuisi George Orji, Michael T Postek, Herbert S Bennett, Theodore Vincent Vorburger, Jeffrey A Fagan, Robert L. Watters
Abstract: A new era of cooperation between North American National Measurement Institutes (NMIs) was ushered by the National Research Council of Canada Institute for National Measurement Standards (NRC-INMS) on February 7, 2007 when the first Tri-National wo ...

13. 3D Ground-Truth Systems for Object/Human Recognition and Tracking
Topic: Manufacturing
Published: 6/28/2013
Authors: Afzal A Godil, Roger V Bostelman, Kamel S Saidi, William P Shackleford, Geraldine S Cheok, Michael O Shneier, Tsai Hong Hong
Abstract: We have been researching 3D ground-truth systems for performance evaluation of vision and perception systems in the fields of smart manufacturing and robotics safety. In this paper we first present an overview of different systems that have been used ...

14. 3D Image Correction of Tilted Sample Through Coordinate Transformation
Topic: Manufacturing
Published: 1/1/2007
Authors: Wei Chu, Joseph Fu, Ronald G Dixson, Theodore Vincent Vorburger
Abstract: In scanned probe measurements of micrometer- or nanometer-scale lines, it is nearly impossible to maintain the sample in a perfectly level position, and even a small amount of tilt angle can contribute to the accuracy of the result of measurand such ...

Topic: Manufacturing
Published: 10/10/2015
Authors: Hongliang Shi, Yong Sik Kim, Nicholas G Dagalakis, Duan Xuechao
Abstract: This paper presents a flexure pressure sensor fabricated by means of 3D printing. This sensor combined with a biosimulant artifact from National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) is used to measure the severity of injuries caused in the ca ...

16. A Benefit/Cost Model for Metrology in Manufacturing
Topic: Manufacturing
Published: 10/24/2005
Author: James Edward Potzick
Abstract: Every measurement of a feature's size or placement on a wafer or photomask is made for a reason. Usually a measurement leads to a decision, often involving a process adjustment or business transaction, and there are costs and benefits attached to the ...

Topic: Manufacturing
Published: 10/19/2008
Authors: Jing Li, Yin-Lin Shen, Jaehwa Jeong, Fredric Scire, John A Kramar
Abstract: A compact, two-stage, vertical actuator with built-in sensors has been developed for the Molecular Measuring Machine (M3) and other potential precision instrumentation applications, such as scanning probe microscopy (SPM). In this article, we descri ...

Topic: Manufacturing
Published: 6/15/2012
Authors: Jatinder Madan, Mahesh Mani, Princepal Singh, Amrik Singh
Abstract: Currently available sustainability analysis systems for the die-casting process primarily depend on the material properties and do not account for process information. As a result they are unable to assess or compare the sustainability of parts made ...

19. A Calibrated Atomic Force Microscope
Topic: Manufacturing
Published: 1/1/1994
Authors: T Mcwaid, J Schneir
Abstract: Atomic force microscope (AFM) is a rapidly emerging measurement technology. As the technology develops, it is being incorporated into industrial research and development, and manufacturing facilities. At present there are no sub-micrometer pitch or s ...

20. A Calibrated Atomic Force Microscope
Topic: Manufacturing
Published: 1/1/1994
Authors: T Mcwaid, J Schneir, Theodore Vincent Vorburger
Abstract: Abstract not available.

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