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991. Two-dimensional Simulation Modeling in Imaging and Metrology Research
Topic: Manufacturing
Published: 7/1/2002
Authors: Michael T Postek, Andras Vladar, J R. Lowney, William J. Keery
Abstract: Traditional Monte Carlo modeling of the electron beam-specimen interactions in a scanning electron microscope (SEM) produces information about electron beam penetration and output signal generation at either a single beam-landing location, or multipl ...

992. U.S. Navy Coordinate Measuring Machines: A Study of Needs
Series: NIST Interagency/Internal Report (NISTIR)
Report Number: 5379
Topic: Manufacturing
Published: 1/1/1994
Authors: David C Stieren, Ralph C. Veale, Howard H. Harary, Shaw C Feng
Abstract: Abstract not available.

993. USARSim/ROS: A Combined Framework for Robotic Control and Simulation
Topic: Manufacturing
Published: 6/20/2012
Authors: Stephen B. Balakirsky, Zeid Kootbally
Abstract: The Robot Operating System (ROS) has been steadily gaining popularity among robotics researchers as an open source framework for robot control. The Unified System for Automation and Robot Simulation (USARSim) has been used for many years by robotics ...

994. Ultra-Precision Linear Motion Metrology of a Commerically Available Linear Translation Stage
Topic: Manufacturing
Published: 11/18/2011
Authors: Ronnie R. Fesperman Jr., M Alkan Donmez, Shawn P Moylan
Abstract: Many new compact ultra-precision linear translation stages with exceptionally long ranges of motion on the order of tens of millimeters and positioning resolutions on the order of a nanometer are finding their way into emerging nanotechnologies. Thi ...

995. Ultrashallow Depth Profiling with Time-of-flight Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry
Topic: Manufacturing
Published: 1/1/1994
Authors: J. Bennett, John A Dagata
Abstract: Time-of-flight secondary ion mass spectrometry (TOF-SIMS) is an efficient, sensitive method for characterizing semiconductor surfaces. In addition, TOF-SIMS can be applied in a depth profiling mode allowing qualitative characterization of the top 10? ...

996. Ultrastable Laser Array at 633 nm for Real-Time Dimensional Metrology
Topic: Manufacturing
Published: 1/1/2001
Authors: Y Lecoq, J Pedulla, John Russell Lawall
Abstract: We describe a laser system for very high-accuracy dimensional metrology. A sealed-cavity helium-neon laser is offset-locked to an iodine-stabilized laser in order to realize a secondary standard with higher power and less phase noise. Synchronous ave ...

997. Unbiased Estimation of Linewidth Roughness
Topic: Manufacturing
Published: 5/1/2005
Authors: John S Villarrubia, B Bunday
Abstract: Line width roughness (LWR) is usually estimated simply as three standard deviations of the line width. The effect of image noise upon this metric includes a positive nonrandom component. The metric is therefore subject to a bias or ?systematic error? ...

998. Uncertainties in Dimensional Measurements Made at Nonstandard Temperatures
Topic: Manufacturing
Published: 1/1/1994
Author: Dennis A Swyt
Abstract: This report examines the effects of uncertainties in temperature and coefficient of thermal expansion on the expanded uncertainty of length dimensional measurements made away from the international standard reference temperature of 20degrees C for ar ...

999. Uncertainties in Small-Angle Measurement Systems Used to Calibrate Angle Artifacts
Topic: Manufacturing
Published: 5/1/2004
Authors: Jack A Stone Jr., M Amer, Bryon S. Faust, Jay H Zimmerman
Abstract: We have studied a number of effects that can give rise to errors in small-angle measurement systems when they are used to calibrate artifacts such as optical polygons. Of these sources of uncertainty, the most difficult to quantify are errors associa ...

1000. Uncertainty Analysis for Angle Calibrations Using Circle Closure
Topic: Manufacturing
Published: 3/1/1998
Author: William Tyler Estler
Abstract: We analyze two types of full-circle angle calibrations: a simple closure in which a single set of unknown angular segments is sequentially compared with an unknown reference angle, and a dual closure in which two divided circles are simultaneously ca ...

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