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931. Two-Dimensional Calibration Artifact and Measurement Methodology
Topic: Manufacturing
Published: 6/1/1999
Authors: Richard M Silver, Theodore D Doiron, William B. Penzes, S Fox, Edward A Kornegay, S Rathjen, M Takac, D Owen
Abstract: In this paper, we describe our design and the manufacturing of a two-dimensional grid artifact of chrome on quartz on a 6 inch by 6 inch by .250 glass blank. The design has been agreed upon by a number of SEMI participants working on a two-dimensiona ...

932. High Accuracy High Speed Gaussian Filter in Surface Metrology
Topic: Manufacturing
Published: 5/31/1999
Authors: Y B Yuan, Jun-Feng Song, Theodore Vincent Vorburger
Abstract: Both (1+x^2)^(-n) and (sin x/x)^n functions are very close to the Gaussian distribution for large value of n. Based on these functions, two new algorithms are developed for designing high accuracy and high speed recursive type Gaussian digital filter ...

933. Measurements and Predictions of Light Scattering by Coatings
Topic: Manufacturing
Published: 5/1/1999
Authors: Theodore Vincent Vorburger, Egon Marx, M E. McKnight, Maria E Nadal, P Y. Barnes, Alan K Thompson, Michael A Galler, Fern Y Hunt, Mark R VanLandingham
Abstract: We show comparisons between calculations and measurements of angle-resolved light scattering distributions from clear dielectric, isotropic coatings. The calculated distributions are derived from topography measurements performed with scanning white ...

934. The NIST Length Scale Interferometer
Topic: Manufacturing
Published: 5/1/1999
Authors: John S Beers, William B. Penzes
Abstract: The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) interferometer for measuring graduated length scales has been in use since 1965. It was developed in response to the redefinition of the meter in 1960 from the prototype platinum-iridium bar t ...

935. Improving Kinematic Touch Trigger Probe Performance
Topic: Manufacturing
Published: 4/1/1999
Authors: Steven David Phillips, William Tyler Estler
Abstract: Kinematic touch trigger probes are widely used on CMMs. This article gives CMM users advice on how to minimize the systematic errors associated with this class of probes.

936. Noise Averaging and Measurement Resolution (or A Little Noise is a Good Thing)
Topic: Manufacturing
Published: 4/1/1999
Author: James Edward Potzick
Abstract: When a continuous quantity is measured with a digital instrument or digitized for further processing, a measurement uncertainty component is incurred from quantization of the continuous variable. This uncertainty can be reduced by oversampling and a ...

937. A Strategy for Faster Blind Reconstruction of Tip Geometry for Scanned Probe Microscopy
Topic: Manufacturing
Published: 3/1/1999
Author: John S Villarrubia
Abstract: In scanned probe microscopy, it is necessary to know the tip's geometry in order to correct image distortions due to its finite size. Heretofore, methods have focused upon determining the tip geometry by erosion of a tip characterizer of known geomet ...

938. Detector Strategy for the Scanning Electron Microscope Inspection and Metrology of Semiconductor Wafers
Topic: Manufacturing
Published: 3/1/1999
Authors: O C Wells, Michael T Postek

939. Nanometre-scale Oxidation of Silicon Surfaces by Dynamic Force Microscopy: Reproducibility, Kinetics and Nanofabrication
Topic: Manufacturing
Published: 3/1/1999
Authors: M Calleja, J Anguita, R Garcia, K Birkelund, F Perez-murano, John A Dagata
Abstract: Local oxidation of silicon surfaces by scanning probe microscopy is a very promising lithographic approach at nanometre scale. Here, we present two approaches to optimize the oxidation for nanofabrication purposes: (i) we analyse the reproducibility ...

940. Optical Linewidth Models - Then and Now
Topic: Manufacturing
Published: 3/1/1999
Authors: Robert D. Larrabee, Richard M Silver, M P Davidson
Abstract: In the late 1970's Dr. Diana Nyyssonen demonstrated that the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) could optically calibrate photomask linewidth standards that were narrower than the classical resolution limit of a conventional bright ...

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