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991. Calibration Uncertainties for Microform of Rockwell Hardness Indenters
Topic: Manufacturing
Published: 1/1/1995
Authors: F Rudder, Jun-Feng Song
Abstract: A microform calibration procedure has been developed at NIST to certify geometric conformity of Rockwell C hardness indenters. The interest in microform calibrations is to unify national and international comparisons of hardness tests. Using accepted ...

992. Computer Modeling of Heterodyne Interferometer Errors
Topic: Manufacturing
Published: 1/1/1995
Authors: Lowell P. Howard, Jack A Stone Jr.
Abstract: A computer model and methodology for modeling optical mixing errors in heterodyne interferometers is presented. The model is based on the Jones calculus and uses a matrix formalism to eliminate simplifications and reduce assumptions in the model. The ...

993. Damage Processes in Ceramics Resulting from Diamond Tool Indentation and Scratching in Various Environments
Topic: Manufacturing
Published: 1/1/1995
Authors: A Ruff, H Shin, Christopher J. Evans
Abstract: Studies have been carried out to determine the influence of different chemical environments and tool shapes on damage produced during diamond tool scratching and indenting of two advanced ceramics: chemical-vapor-deposited silicon carbide and a compo ...

994. Design, Specification and Tolerancing of Micrometer - Tolerance Assembles
Series: NIST Interagency/Internal Report (NISTIR)
Report Number: 5615
Topic: Manufacturing
Published: 1/1/1995
Author: Dennis A Swyt
Abstract: As increasing number of economically important products manufactured by U.S. companies are comprised of assemblies of macroscopic parts with microscopic tolerances, that is, parts from a few to hundreds of millimeters in size where the acceptable dev ...

995. Development of Rockwell Hardness Standards: From Performance Comparisons to Fundamental Metrology
Topic: Manufacturing
Published: 1/1/1995
Authors: J Smith, Jun-Feng Song, F Rudder, Theodore Vincent Vorburger
Abstract: Based on the Rockwell diamond indenter's microform calibrations recently developed at NIST, as well as a deadweight standardized Rockwell hardness machine, the NIST Rockwell hardness standard calibration has been established. Our approach makes i ...

996. Device Fabrication by Scanned Probe Oxidation
Topic: Manufacturing
Published: 1/1/1995
Author: John A Dagata
Abstract: Abstract not available.

997. Enhanced Machinability of Silicon Carbide via Microstructural Design
Topic: Manufacturing
Published: 1/1/1995
Authors: Nitin P Padture, Christopher J. Evans, Hockin D. Xu, Brian Ronald Lawn
Abstract: The machinability of a heterogeneous silicon carbide with weak interphase boundaries, elongated grains, and high internal stresses is evaluated relative to a homogeneous control material with a well-bonded, equiaxed, and unstressed grain structure. D ...

998. Error Compensation for CMM Touch Trigger Probes
Topic: Manufacturing
Published: 1/1/1995
Authors: William Tyler Estler, Steven David Phillips, Bruce R. Borchardt, Ted Hopp, Christoph Johann Witzgall, M Levenson, et al
Abstract: We present the analysis of a simple mechanical model of a common type of kinematic seat touch trigger probe widely used on modem coordinate measuring machines (CMMs). The model provides a quantitative description of the pre-travel variation or probe ...

999. Fabrication of Optics by Diamond Turning
Topic: Manufacturing
Published: 1/1/1995
Authors: Richard L. Rhorer, Christopher J. Evans
Abstract: The use of special machine tools with single-crystal diamond-cutting tools to produce metal optics is called diamond turning. The manufacture of optical surfaces by diamond turning is relatively new compared to the traditional optical-polishing metho ...

1000. Finishing Performance and Wear Mechanisms of Cubic Boron Nitride Tools in Turning Hardness 52100 Steels
Topic: Manufacturing
Published: 1/1/1995
Authors: Y K Chou, M Barash, Christopher J. Evans
Abstract: This study investigated the performance and wear behavior of different cubic boron nitride (CBN) tools in finish turning of hardened 52100 steels. Tool performance was evaluated based on surface finish and flank wear land width. Wear mechanisms of CB ...

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