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901. Error Compensation for CMM Touch Trigger Probes
Topic: Manufacturing
Published: 10/1/1996
Authors: William Tyler Estler, Steven David Phillips, Bruce R. Borchardt, Ted Hopp, G Witzgall, M Levenson, K Eberhardt, Marjorie A McClain, Y Shen, X Zhang
Abstract: We present the analysis of a simple mechanical model of a common type of kinematic seat touch trigger probe widely used on modern coordinate measuring machines (CMMs). The model provides a quantitative description of the pretravel variation or probe- ...

902. Stylus-Laser Surface Calibration System
Topic: Manufacturing
Published: 10/1/1996
Authors: Theodore Vincent Vorburger, Jun-Feng Song, T Giauque, Thomas B Renegar, Eric Paul Whitenton, M Croarkin
Abstract: A stylus-laser surface calibration system was developed to calibrate the NIST sinusoidal roughness Standard Reference Materials (SRM) 2071-2075. Step height standards are used to calibrate the stylus instrument in the vertical direction, and a laser ...

903. Corrections for Wavelength Variations in Precision Interferometric Displacement Measurements
Topic: Manufacturing
Published: 9/1/1996
Authors: Jack A Stone Jr., Steven David Phillips, G Mandolfo
Abstract: Precision interferometric displacement measurements require deadpath corrections to account for variations in wavelength during the course of the measurement. This paper discusses common errors in applying deadpath corrections and describes the corre ...

904. New Certified Length Scale for Microfabrication Metrology
Topic: Manufacturing
Published: 9/1/1996
Author: James Edward Potzick
Abstract: The National Institute of Standards and Technology is developing a dimensional pitch standard covering the range 1 micrometers to 10 mm, intended for the calibration of microscope magnification and of dimensional metrology instrument scales. Called S ...

905. Stitching of Equatorial Profiles for Extended Spatial Range Assessment
Topic: Manufacturing
Published: 8/1/1996
Authors: P Sullivan, R E. Parks, Lianzhen Shao
Abstract: This paper describes a method for stitching multiple overlapping interferometric measurements of the equator of a high quality sphere to produce a single profile representing the roundness of the ball. The resulting optical profile measurement is com ...

906. An Approach to the Reduction of Hydrocarbon Contamination in the Scanning Electron Microscope
Topic: Manufacturing
Published: 6/1/1996
Author: Michael T Postek
Abstract: The deposition of electron bean-induced specimen contamination in both the transmission (TEM) and scanning electron microscopes (SEM) has remained a problem since the beginning of these forms of microscopy. Generally, sources of SEM contamination can ...

907. Modeling Spatial Reasoning Systems With Shape Algebras and Formal Logic
Topic: Manufacturing
Published: 6/1/1996
Author: Scott Chase
Abstract: The combination of the paradigms of shape algebras and predicate logic representations,used in a new method for describing designs, is presented. First order predicate logicprovides a natural, intuitive way of representing shapes and spatial relation ...

908. Calibration of Scanning Electron Microscope Magnification Standards SRM-484
Topic: Manufacturing
Published: 5/1/1996
Authors: Joseph Fu, Theodore Vincent Vorburger, D Ballard
Abstract: Standard Reference Material (SRM) 484 is an artifact for calibrating the magnification scale of a scanning electron microscope. Since 1977 the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) has produced seven issues of SRM484 amounting to app ...

909. Electrical Test Structures Replicated in Silicon-On-Insulator Material
Topic: Manufacturing
Published: 5/1/1996
Authors: Michael W. Cresswell, J Sniegowski, Rathindra Ghoshtagore, Robert Allen, L Linholm, John S Villarrubia
Abstract: Measurements of the linewidths of submicrometer features made by different metrology techniques have frequently been characterized by differences of up to 90 nm. The purpose of the work reported here is to address the special difficulties that this p ...

910. High Accuracy Overlay Measurements
Topic: Manufacturing
Published: 5/1/1996
Authors: Richard M Silver, James Edward Potzick, Fredric Scire, Robert D. Larrabee
Abstract: The reduced critical dimensions of semiconductor devices place more stringent requirements on the precision and accuracy of overlay metrology tools used to monitor stepper feature placement. The use of mix and match stepper techniques and step and sc ...

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