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991. Application of Trasmission Electron Detection to Scalpel Mask Metrology
Topic: Manufacturing
Published: 11/1/1997
Authors: R Farrow, Michael T Postek, William J. Keery, Samuel N Jones, J R. Lowney, M Blakey, L Fetter, A Liddle, L C Hopkins, H A Huggins, M Peabody, A Novembre, J Griffith
Abstract: Linewidth measurements were performed on a 4X scattering with angular limitation in projection electron lithography (SCALPEL) e-beam lithography mask using the transmitted electron signal in a modified scanning electron microscope. Features as small ...

992. Applications of the Rapidly Renewable Lap
Topic: Manufacturing
Published: 11/1/1997
Authors: R E. Parks, E Robert, Christopher J. Evans, David J Roderick, J David, John A. Dagata
Abstract: The rapidly renewable lap is based on the simple concept of generating the figure needed in a lap substrate and then replicating it into a thin film slumped over the substrate. Based on this concept, we describe how efficient laps can be constructed ...

993. Measurements of the LIGO Pathfinder Optics
Topic: Manufacturing
Published: 11/1/1997
Authors: R E. Parks, Christopher J. Evans, P Sullivan, Lianzhen Shao, B Loucks
Abstract: A number of 150 mm apertures in 250 mm diameter plano-concave optics with figure errors of a few nm were carefully tested using phase measuring interferometry and the data reduced using pixel based absolute testing techniques. We discuss some of the ...

994. Metrology of Scattering with Angular Limitation Projection Electron Lithography Masks
Topic: Manufacturing
Published: 11/1/1997
Authors: J E Liddle, M Blakey, T Saunders, R Farrow, L Fetter, C Kneurek, R Kasica, et al, M Peabody,, Shannon L Takach, D L Windt, Michael T Postek
Abstract: Mask metrology is a vital part of any lithographic technology, both for control of the mask patterning process and also for ensuring that the contribution of the mask to the system error budget is within acceptable limits. For design rules of 0.13 ?m ...

995. Uncertainty and Dimensional Calibrations
Topic: Manufacturing
Published: 11/1/1997
Authors: Theodore D Doiron, John Richard Stoup
Abstract: The calculation of uncertainty for a measurement is an effort to set reasonable bounds for the measurement result according to standardized rules. Since every measurement produces only an estimate of the answer, the primary requisite of an uncertaint ...

996. Interim Report, NIST/SEMATECH Collaboration for Improvement of High-Accuracy Critical-Dimension Meetrology for Semiconductor Manufacturing
Topic: Manufacturing
Published: 10/31/1997
Author: Michael T Postek
Abstract: Unavailable.

997. Conformal Oxides on Si Surfaces
Topic: Manufacturing
Published: 9/15/1997
Authors: V W. Tsai, S. Wang, E. C. Williams, J Schneir, Ronald G Dixson
Abstract: The characteristics of the Si-vacuum interface were compared with the characteristics of the oxide-air interface formed following room temperature oxidation for a variety of samples. Scanning tunneling microscopy was used to measure the surface struc ...

998. A Distribution-Independent Bound on the Level of Confidence in the Result of a Measurement
Topic: Manufacturing
Published: 9/1/1997
Author: William Tyler Estler
Abstract: The Bienaym?-Chebyshev Inequality provides a quantitative bound on the level of confidence of a measurement with known combined standard uncertainty and assumed coverage factor. The result is independent of the detailed nature of the probability dist ...

999. Accurate Force Measurements for Miniature Mechanical Systems: A Review of Progress
Topic: Manufacturing
Published: 9/1/1997
Authors: Lowell P. Howard, Joseph Fu
Abstract: A survey of nanonewton force calibration techniques suitable for micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS) is presented. The reviewed techniques include: mass-derived force, pendulums, calibrated master spings, resonance and electromagnetic techniques. ...

1000. Evaluation of Scanning Maxwell-Stress Microscopy for SPM-Based Nanoelectronics
Topic: Manufacturing
Published: 9/1/1997
Author: John A. Dagata
Abstract: A preliminary evaluation of the compatibility, spatial resolution, and sensitivity of scanning Maxwell-stress microscopy (SMM) as an in situ diagnostic technique for SPM oxidation of silicon is presented. These results indicate that SMM will provide ...

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