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791. Specification for the Open Checklist Interactive Language (OCIL) Version 2.0
Series: NIST Interagency/Internal Report (NISTIR)
Report Number: 7692
Topic: Information Technology
Published: 4/7/2011
Authors: David Anthony Waltermire, Karen Scarfone, Maria Casipe
Abstract: This report defines version 2.0 of the Open Checklist Interactive Language (OCIL). The intent of OCIL is to provide a standardized basis for expressing questionnaires and related information, such as answers to questions and final questionnaire resul ...

792. Speeding up the Wide-Pipe: Secure and Fast Hashing
Topic: Information Technology
Published: 12/12/2010
Authors: Mridul Nandi, Souradyuti Paul
Abstract: In this paper we propose a new sequential mode of operation ‹ the Fast wide pipe or FWP for short ‹ to hash messages of arbitrary length. The mode is shown to be (1) preimage-resistance preserving, (2) collision-resistance-preserving and, most import ...

793. Spin dynamics and mode structure in nanomagnet arrays: effects of size and thickness on linewidth and damping
Topic: Information Technology
Published: 5/5/2009
Authors: Justin M Shaw, Thomas J Silva, Michael Schneider, Robert D McMichael
Abstract: We use frequency resolved magneto-optic Kerr effect to probe the spin-dynamics and mode structure in 50 to 200 nm diameter Ni^d80^Fe^d20^ nanomagnets ranging from 3 to 10 nm in thickness. We find that the intrinsic Gilbert damping parameter is largel ...

794. Spin transport in memristive devices
Topic: Information Technology
Published: 1/26/2012
Authors: Hyuk-Jae Jang, Oleg A Kirillov, Oana Jurchescu, Curt A Richter
Abstract: We report on electron spin transport through electrochemically precipitated copper filaments formed in TaOX memristive devices consisting of Co(60nm)/TaOX(16nm)/Cu(5nm)/Py(60nm) with crossbar-type electrode geometry.The devices show memristive behavi ...

795. Spin transport in organic semiconductor single crystals
Topic: Information Technology
Published: 3/25/2011
Author: Hyuk-Jae Jang

796. Spin-Current Induced Magnetotransport in Co/Cu/Co Nanostructures
Topic: Information Technology
Published: 9/1/2002
Authors: Fred B. Mancoff, Stephen E Russek
Abstract: We report measurements on sub-100 nm current-perpendicular-to-place Co/Cu/Co spin-valves. The giant magnetoresistance versus applied magnetic field shows the switching in individual patterned Co nanomagnets. Spin transfer from the spin-polarized curr ...

797. Spotlight - Biometric Authentication -- Are You Who You Claim To Be?
Topic: Information Technology
Published: 3/1/2003
Author: Michael D Hogan
Abstract: The recent establishment of the International Organization for Standardization/International Electrotechnical Commission Joint Technical Committee 1/Subcomittee 37 (ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 37) on Biometrics is a major development in international standardiz ...

798. Stable Implementation Agreements for Open System Interconnection Protocols, Version 4, Edition 1, December 1990
Series: Special Publication (NIST SP)
Report Number: 500-183
Topic: Information Technology
Published: 12/1/1990
Author: Frederick E Boland Jr

799. Stable Implementation Agreements for Open Systems Interconnection Protocols - Version 2, Edition 1
Series: Special Publication (NIST SP)
Report Number: 500-162
Topic: Information Technology
Published: 12/1/1988
Author: Frederick E Boland Jr

800. Stable Implementation Agreements for Open Systems Interconnection Protocols, Version 3, Edition 1, Dec 1989
Series: Special Publication (NIST SP)
Report Number: 500-177
Topic: Information Technology
Published: 12/1/1989
Author: Frederick E Boland Jr

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