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51. A public randomness service
Topic: Information Technology
Published: 7/21/2011
Authors: Michael J. Fischer, Michaela Iorga, Rene C Peralta
Abstract: We argue for the deployment of sources of randomness on the Internet for promoting and enhancing electronic commerce. We describe, in rough detail, our planned implementation of such a source.

52. ACT-Touch Reference Manual, Working Draft
Topic: Information Technology
Published: 8/15/2013
Authors: Kristen Greene, Franklin Tamborello
Abstract: ACT-Touch is a set of manual motor request extensions for ACT-R 6 (Adaptive Control of Thought-Rational, hereafter, ACT-R) . These manual request extensions constitute theoretical claims predicting motor preparation and execution times for certain ...

53. AGVs and Forklifts Gaining Sight for Safety
Topic: Information Technology
Published: 1/10/2013
Author: Roger V Bostelman
Abstract: Forklifts and automated guided vehicles are useful tools for the manufacturing industry. With regard to safety of workers (and equipment) near industrial vehicles, there are issues when using either manned or automated powered industrial vehicles in ...

54. APPROACHES AND BEST PRACTICES: Data Collection of Audio Dialogues to Support the Training of Speech-to-Speech Translation Systems
Series: NIST Interagency/Internal Report (NISTIR)
Report Number: 7712
Topic: Information Technology
Published: 6/25/2010
Authors: Brian A Weiss, Craig I Schlenoff, Ann M Virts
Abstract: The purpose of this document is to describe the best practices that personnel from the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) have developed and implemented to efficiently and effectively capture two-way, free-form speech-to-speech aud ...

55. ASSET: Security Assessment Tool for Federal Agencies
Series: ITL Bulletin
Topic: Information Technology
Published: 6/1/2003
Author: Elizabeth B Lennon
Abstract: This ITL Bulletin describes the features and capabilities of the Automated Security Self-Evaluation Tool (ASSET), ITL's governmentwide IT security assessment tool. ASSET automates the completion of the security questionnaire in NIST Special Publ ...

56. Adaptive Preimage Resistance Analysis Revisited: Requirements, Subtleties and Implications
Topic: Information Technology
Published: 4/16/2012
Authors: Dong H. Chang, Moti Yung
Abstract: In the last few years, the need to design new cryptographic hash functions has led to the intense study of when desired hash multi-properties are preserved or assured under compositions and domain extensions. In this area, it is important to identify ...

57. Advancing Manufacturing Research Through Competitions
Topic: Information Technology
Published: 4/17/2009
Authors: Stephen B. Balakirsky, Rajmohan Madhavan
Abstract: Competitions provide a technique for building interest and collaboration in targeted research areas. This paper will present a new competition that aims to increase collaboration amongst Universities, automation end-users, and automation manufacturer ...

58. Advancing Security Automation and Standardization: Revised Technical Specifications Issued for the Security Content Automation Protocol (SCAP)
Series: ITL Bulletin
Topic: Information Technology
Published: 1/24/2012
Author: Shirley M. Radack
Abstract: This bulletin summarizes the information presented in NIST Special Publication (SP) 800-126 Rev. 2, The Technical Specification for the Security Content Automation Protocol (SCAP): SCAP Version 1.2. This publication was written by David Waltermire an ...

59. Aggregating CVSS Base Scores for Semantics-Rich Network Security Metrics
Topic: Information Technology
Published: 10/11/2012
Authors: Pengsu Cheng, Lingyu Wang, Sushil Jajodia, Anoop Singhal
Abstract: A network security metric is desirable in evaluating the effectiveness of security solutions in distributed systems. Aggregating CVSS scores of individual vulnerabilities provides a practical approach to network security metric. However, existing app ...

60. Air-Java: Networking for Smart Spaces
Topic: Information Technology
Published: 10/1/1999
Author: Kevin L Mills
Abstract: Increasingly people work and live on the move. To support this mobile lifestyle, especially as work becomes more intensely information-based, companies are producing various portable and embedded information devices. Concurrently, some interesting ...

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