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11. Spin-exchange optical pumping of He3 with VHG-narrowed diode bar laser
Topic: Radiation Physics
Published: 7/2/2014
Authors: Thomas R Gentile, Wei-Chen N. Chen, T G Walker, E Babcock, Qiang NMN Ye
Abstract: Using diode bar lasers spectrally narrowed with chirped volume holographic gratings (VHGs), we have obtained an improvement in the 3He polarization achievable by spin-exchange optical pumping (SEOP). As compared to our past results with lasers narro ...

12. Effects of Dose Fractionation on the Response of Alanine Dosimetry
Topic: Radiation Physics
Published: 6/28/2014
Authors: Marc F Desrosiers, John Logar, Brad Lundahl
Abstract: Alanine dosimetry is well established as a transfer standard and is becoming more prevalently used as a routine dosimetry system for radiation processing. Many routine measurement applications in radiation processing involve absorbed dose measurement ...

13. Neutron Interferometric Measusrement of the Scattering Length Difference Between the Triplet and Singlet States of N-3 He.
Topic: Radiation Physics
Published: 6/4/2014
Authors: Michael G Huber, Muhammad Arif, Wei-Chen N. Chen, Thomas R Gentile, Daniel S Hussey, T C Black, D. A. Pushin, F. E Wiefeldt, C.B Shahi, L Yang
Abstract: We report a new determination of the n-Helium-3 scattering length difference Delta b = (−5.411 ± 0.031 (statistical) ± 0.039 (systematic) ) fm between the triplet and singlet states using a neutron interferometer. This revises our previous res ...

14. Noble Gas Excimer Scintillation Following Neutron Capture in Boron Thin Films
Topic: Radiation Physics
Published: 4/11/2014
Authors: Alan K Thompson, Jacob McComb, Charles W Clark, Michael A. Coplan, Mohamad Al-Sheikhly, Robert Edward Vest
Abstract: Far-ultraviolet (FUV) scintillation signals have been measured in heavy noble gases (argon, krypton, xenon) following boron-neutron capture (10B(n,α)7Li) in 10B thin films. The observed scintillation yields are comparable to the yields from some ...

Topic: Radiation Physics
Published: 3/20/2014
Authors: Marc F Desrosiers, S Sholom
Abstract: The OSL dosimetry technique with teeth has been validated against the EPR dosimetry technique through a measurement comparison performed on the same teeth. The OSL reconstructed doses were found to be in agreement with corresponding EPR doses. Minimu ...

16. Measurement of the O2O3O4 and O3O4O5 Super Coster-Kronig Rates in Tungsten via Asymmetric Diffraction Spectrometry
Topic: Radiation Physics
Published: 3/7/2014
Authors: Lawrence T Hudson, John F Seely, Jack Leigh Glover, Yuri Ralchenko, Nino R Pereira, Uri Feldman
Abstract: The tungsten Lγ transitions between 11 keV and 12 keV and Kα transitions from 57 keV to 60 keV were produced by a laboratory electron-bombarded x-ray source and simultaneously recorded with high-resolution by using multiple diffraction plan ...

17. Polarized 3HE Spin Filters for Neutron Science
Topic: Radiation Physics
Published: 2/12/2014
Authors: Thomas R Gentile, Wei-Chen N. Chen
Abstract: The large spin dependence of the absorption cross section for neutrons by 3He gas provides a method to polarize neutron beams. For certain applications, such polarized 3He-based neutron "spin filters" have advantages over conventional neutron optica ...

18. A New NIST Primary Standardization of 18F
Topic: Radiation Physics
Published: 2/1/2014
Authors: Ryan P Fitzgerald, Brian Edward Zimmerman, Denis E Bergeron, Jeffrey T Cessna, Leticia S Pibida, Denise S Moreira
Abstract: A new primary standardization of 18F by NIST is reported. The standard is based on live-timed beta- gamma anticoincidence counting with confirmatory measurements by three other methods: (i) liquid scintillation (LS) counting using CIEMAT/NIST 3H e ...

19. Measurement Traceability in Medical Physics
Topic: Radiation Physics
Published: 1/1/2014
Author: Lisa R Karam
Abstract: Medical physics, the joining of physics with healthcare, requires a level of quality assurance beyond many applications of the physical sciences. Always the health, and often the life, of the patient depends on the precise and accurate implementation ...

20. The Importance of Dosimetry Standardization in Radiobiology
Series: Journal of Research (NIST JRES)
Topic: Radiation Physics
Published: 12/30/2013
Authors: Marc F Desrosiers, Larry A DeWerd, James Deye, Patricia Lindsay, Mark K. Murphy, Michael G Mitch, Francesca Macchiarini, Strahinja Stojadinovic, Helen Stone
Abstract: Radiation dose is central too much of radiobiological research. Precision and accuracy of dose measurements and reporting of the measurement details should be sufficient to allow the work to be interpreted and repeated and to allow valid comparisons ...

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