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21. Mode Expansion and Bragg Filtering Enable a High-Fidelity Fiber-Based Photon-Pair Source
Topic: Quantum Physics
Published: 11/9/2009
Authors: Alexander E. Ling, Jun Chen, Jingyun Fan, Alan L Migdall
Abstract: We report the development of a fiber-based single spatial mode source of photon-pairs where the efficiency of extracting photon-pairs is 15x better than a previous implementation [16]. This critical improvement in efficiency enabled a spectrally bri ...

22. Effect of Surface Modes on Photon Propagation through Dielectric Bandgaps
Topic: Quantum Physics
Published: 10/28/2009
Authors: Natalia Malkova, Sergey V Polyakov, Alan L Migdall, Garnett W Bryant
Abstract: We investigate the Hartman saturation effect of photons traveling through barriers created by bandgaps of multilayer stacks. In particular, we investigate theoretically the recently observed jumps in photon transversal times due to adding a single l ...

23. Optical Lattice-Based Addressing and Control of Long-Lived Neutral-Atom Qubits
Topic: Quantum Physics
Published: 7/6/2009
Authors: Nathan Lundblad, J Obrecht, Ian B Spielman, James V Porto
Abstract: The establishment of a scalable, addressable, and long-lived scheme for quantum computing would be a scientific watershed, harnessing the laws of quantum physics to solve classically intractable problems. Many proposed computational platforms are dri ...

24. Optimal Surface-Electrode Trap Lattices for Quantum Simulation with Trapped Ions
Topic: Quantum Physics
Published: 6/12/2009
Authors: Roman Schmied , Janus H. Wesenberg, Dietrich G Leibfried
Abstract: Trapped ions offer long internal state (spin) coherence times and strong inter-particle interactions mediated by the Coulomb force. This makes them interesting candidates for quantum simulation of coupled lattices. To this end it is desirable to be ...

25. Quantum radiometry
Topic: Quantum Physics
Published: 5/2/2009
Authors: Sergey V Polyakov, Alan L Migdall
Abstract: We review radiometric techniques that take advantage of photon counting and stem from the quantum laws of nature. We present a brief history of metrological experiments and review the current state of experimental quantum radiometry.

26. High Fidelity Transport of Trapped-Ion Qubits through an X-Junction Trap Array
Topic: Quantum Physics
Published: 4/17/2009
Authors: Brad Rodney Blakestad, Aaron Vandevender, Christian Ospelkaus, Jason Amini, Joseph Wright Britton, Dietrich G Leibfried, David J Wineland
Abstract: Trapped ions are a useful system for studying the elements of quantum information processing. Simple alogrithms have been demonstrated, but scaling to much larter tasks requires the ability to manipulate many qubits. To achieve this, ions could be di ...

27. Electromagnetically induced transparency in a superconducting three-level system
Topic: Quantum Physics
Published: 4/16/2009
Authors: Mika Sillanpaa, Katarina Cicak, Fabio Altomare, Jae Park, Raymond Wiley Simmonds, Jian Li, G. S. Paraoanu, Pertti Hakonen
Abstract: When a three-level quantum system is irradiated by an intense coupling field resonant with two of the three possible transitions, the resonant absorption of the system from its ground state by an additional radiation field is suppressed. This effec ...

28. Improved implementation of the Alicki Van Ryn nonclassicality test for a single particle using Si detectors
Topic: Quantum Physics
Published: 4/15/2009
Authors: Sergey V Polyakov, Alan L Migdall, Giorgio Brida, Ivo Pietro Degiovanni, Marco Genovese, Fabrizio Piacentini, V Schettini, Nicolas Gisin
Abstract: Recently a test of nonclassicality for a single qubit was proposed R. Alicki and N. Van Ryn, J. Phys, A: Math. Theor. 41, 062001 2008. We present an optimized experimental realization of this test leading to a 46standard deviation violation of cl ...

29. DC-SQUID Amplifiers with over 27 GHz of Gain-Bandwidth Product Operated in the 4-8 GHz Frequency Range
Topic: Quantum Physics
Published: 3/2/2009
Authors: Lafe F. Spietz, Kent D Irwin, Jose Alberto Aumentado
Abstract: We describe measurements of the performance of ampli ers in the 4{8 GHz range using DCSQUIDs in a lumped element con guration. We have used quarter wave resonators as input transformers and multipole output transformers to couple microwave power int ...

30. Improved multiplexed Infrared Single Photon Detectors
Topic: Quantum Physics
Published: 8/11/2008
Authors: Sergey V Polyakov, Alan L Migdall, V Schettini, Ivo Pietro Degiovanni, Giorgio Brida, F Piacentini
Abstract: We discuss a scheme for a photon-counting detection system that overcomes the difficulties of photon-counting at high rates at telecom wavelengths. Our method uses an array of N detectors and a 1-by-N optical switch with a control circuit to direct i ...

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