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31. Alaskan Marine Mammal Tissue Archival Project
Topic: Environment/Climate
Published: 7/1/1990
Authors: Paul R Becker, B. J. Koster, Stephen A Wise, Rolf Louis Zeisler

32. Alaskan Marine Mammal Tissue Archival Project: A Project Description Including Protocols
Series: NIST Interagency/Internal Report (NISTIR)
Report Number: 88-3750
Topic: Environment/Climate
Published: 6/1/1988
Authors: Paul R Becker, Stephen A Wise, B. J. Koster, Rolf Louis Zeisler

33. Alkali-Silica Reaction Degradation of Nuclear Power Plant Concrete Structures: A Scoping Study
Series: NIST Interagency/Internal Report (NISTIR)
Report Number: 7937
Topic: Environment/Climate
Published: 3/11/2013
Authors: Kenneth Alan Snyder, Hai Sang Lew
Abstract: Alkali-silica reaction (ASR) is a concrete degradation phenomenon in which the alkalis that are typically found in concrete react with certain amorphous or micro-crystalline siliceous phases in the aggregate and, in the presence of moisture, form ...

34. All-angle negative refraction and active flat lensing of ultraviolet light
Topic: Environment/Climate
Published: 5/22/2013
Authors: Ting Xu, Amit Kumar Agrawal, Maxim Abashin, Kenneth John Chau, Henri J Lezec
Abstract: The ability of a left-handed medium to sustain backwards electromagnetic waves leads to counter-intuitive phenomena such as negative refraction. We report the experimental implementation of a three-dimensional negative-index metamaterial operating at ...

35. An Accurate and Sensitive Method for the Determination of Methylmercury in Biological Specimens Using GC-ICPMS with Solid Phase Microexctraction
Topic: Environment/Climate
Published: 12/1/2004
Authors: William C Davis, Stacy S Vander Pol, Michele M Schantz, Stephen E Long, Steven J Christopher

36. An Additive Manufacturing Test Artifact
Series: Journal of Research (NIST JRES)
Report Number: 119.017
Topic: Environment/Climate
Published: 10/23/2014
Authors: Shawn P Moylan, John A. Slotwinski, A L Cooke, Kevin K Jurrens, M Alkan Donmez
Abstract: We propose a test artifact, intended for standardization, for the purpose of evaluating the performance of additive manufacturing (AM) systems. A thorough analysis of previously proposed AM test artifacts as well as experience with machining tes ...

37. An Analysis of Petroleum Hydrocarbons in the Marine Environment: Results of an Interlaboratory Comparison Exercise
Topic: Environment/Climate
Published: 12/1/1978
Authors: Willie E May, S. N. Chesler, B.H. Gump, Harry S Hertz, T.D. Searl

38. An Evaluation of Description Logic for the Development of Product Models
Series: NIST Interagency/Internal Report (NISTIR)
Report Number: 7481
Topic: Environment/Climate
Published: 4/15/2008
Authors: Xenia Fiorentini, Rachuri Rachuri, Mahesh Mani, Steven J. Fenves, Ram D Sriram
Abstract: The languages and logical formalisms developed by information scientists and logicians concentrate on the theory of languages and logical theorem proving. These languages, when used by domain experts to represent their domain of discourse, most often ...

39. An Investigation of High Speed Grinding With Electroplated Diamond Wheels
Topic: Environment/Climate
Published: 8/1/2000
Authors: T W. Hwang, Christopher J. Evans, S Malkin
Abstract: An investigation was undertaken to evaluate the effect of high wheel speeds for grinding of silicon nitride ceramic with electroplated diamond wheels. Straight surface grinding experiments were conducted at wheel speeds of 85 m/s and 149 m/s using t ...

40. An Investigation of High-Speed Grinding with Electroplated Diamond Wheels
Topic: Environment/Climate
Published: 1/1/2000
Authors: T W. Hwang, S Malkin, Christopher J. Evans

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