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291. Reduce Costs and Increase Quality with Information Exchange Standards for Manufacturing Quality
Topic: Energy
Published: 9/4/2009
Author: John A Horst
Abstract: With the proliferation of computers to process, store, and transfer information, manufacturers are suffering increasing costs due to information incompatibilities. The information incompatibility problem in manufacturing quality is costly to everyo ...

292. Reduced Nonlinearities and Improved Temperature Measurements for the NIST Johnson Noise Thermometer
Topic: Energy
Published: 7/31/2009
Authors: Jifeng Qu, Samuel Paul Benz, Horst Rogalla, D. R White
Abstract: The variance of temperature measurements made with the NIST Johnson noise thermometer has been reduced by use of improved cross-correlation electronics and a unique method for measuring and reducing nonlinearities. The spectral response of the voltag ...

293. Reduced Nonlinearity Effect on the Electronic Measurement of the Boltzmann Constant
Topic: Energy
Published: 1/10/2011
Authors: Jifeng Qu, Samuel Paul Benz, Alessio Pollarolo, Horst Rogalla
Abstract: NIST has developed a quantum voltage noise source (QVNS) calibrated Johnson noise thermometer (JNT) to provide a new electronic measurement technique for determining the Boltzmann constant. Improvements in electronics and synthesized noise waveforms ...

294. Reference X-ray Powder Diffraction Pattern of a New High-Pressure Phase, CaCo2O4
Topic: Energy
Published: 12/17/2009
Authors: Winnie K Wong-Ng, James A Kaduk, Masaaki Isobe
Abstract: Research in new cobaltites is important for waste heat recovery applications. A new calcium cobaltite phase, CaCo2O4, prepared under high pressure, has been reported recently to have a large Seebeck coefficient. This paper reports the reference x-ray ...

295. Reliability-Based Method for Service Life Prediction of Materials
Topic: Energy
Published: 9/17/2003
Authors: Christopher C White, Jonathan W. Martin, S F. Weber, L Shultz
Abstract: Standard test methods, such as ASTM C719, evaluate sealant performance though threshold test measurements. This method and its derivatives do not offer reliable predictions of in-service performance. This presentation will detail efforts to move aw ...

296. Report of the Phase I (2001-2004) Activities of the National Institutes of Standards and Technologies Service Life Predication Methodologies and Metrologies for Building Joint Sealant Consortia
Series: Building Science Series
Report Number: 182
Topic: Energy
Published: 7/7/2009
Author: Christopher C White

297. Requirements to Support a Modern Architecture for Industrial Data and Industrial Data Standards on the Semantic Web
Series: NIST Interagency/Internal Report (NISTIR)
Report Number: 7729
Topic: Energy
Published: 9/30/2010
Authors: Evan K Wallace, Allison Barnard Feeney, David Leal
Abstract: The ISO subcommittee tasked with developing standards for industrial data, TC 184/SC 4, has recently undertaken an effort to define a new, more flexible architecture based on widely-used information technologies and standards with the goal of reducin ...

298. Response of block copolymer thin-film morphology to line-width roughness on a chemoepitaxial template
Topic: Energy
Published: 7/22/2014
Authors: Paul N. Patrone, Gregg M. Gallatin

299. Roadmap for Developing Measurement Science for Predicting the Service Life of Polymers Used in Photovoltaic (PV) Systems
Series: NIST Interagency/Internal Report (NISTIR)
Report Number: 7971
Topic: Energy
Published: 2/24/2014
Authors: Xiaohong Gu, Joannie W Chin

300. Robot Simulation Physics Validation
Topic: Energy
Published: 12/28/2007
Authors: Christopher T Pepper, Stephen B. Balakirsky, Christopher J. Scrapper Jr
Abstract: Computer simulation of robot performance is an essential tool for the development of robot software. In order for simulation results to be valid for implementation, model accuracy is important. If developers use a robot model that is not similar enou ...

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