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391. Transient Suppression for Computer-based Systems
Topic: Energy
Published: 4/1/1990
Author: Francois D. Martzloff

392. Coupling, Propagation, and Side Effects of Surges in an Industrial Building Wiring System
Topic: Energy
Published: 3/1/1990
Author: Francois D. Martzloff

393. Systems and Instruments in Site Surveys
Topic: Energy
Published: 3/1/1990
Author: Francois D. Martzloff

394. Drift Tubes for Characterizing Atmospheric Ion Mobility Spectra
Topic: Energy
Published: 2/1/1990
Authors: Martin Misakian, William E Anderson, Owen Brede Laug

395. A High-Current, Very-Wide-Band Transconductance Amplifier
Topic: Energy
Published: 2/1/1990
Author: Owen Brede Laug

396. Electrical Fast Transient Tests: Applications and Limitations
Topic: Energy
Published: 1/1/1990
Authors: Francois D. Martzloff, T. Leedy

397. Interlaboratory Comparisons of Quantitative Analyses of Individual Compounds in Simple and Complex Mixtures
Topic: Energy
Published: 12/1/1983
Authors: Willie E May, Jeanice M Brown Thomas, S. N. Chesler, Franklin R Guenther, L.R. Hilpert, Reenie May Parris, Kristy L. Richie, W.J. Sonnefeld, Stephen A Wise, Harry S Hertz

398. On Line Multidimensional High Performance Liquid Chromatographic Determination of Polycyclic Organic Material in Energy Related Fuel Oils
Topic: Energy
Published: 12/1/1982
Authors: W.J. Sonnefeld, W.H. Zoller, Willie E May, Stephen A Wise

399. Interlaboratory Comparison of Environmental Analyses Associated with Increased Energy Production
Topic: Energy
Published: 12/1/1979
Authors: Harry S Hertz, L.R. Hilpert, Willie E May, Stephen A Wise, Jeanice M Brown Thomas, S. N. Chesler, Franklin R Guenther

400. Characterization of Standard Reference Material 2942, Ce-Ion-Doped Glass, Spectral Correction Standard for UV Fluorescence
Topic: Energy
Published: Date unknown
Authors: Paul C DeRose, Melody V Smith, Klaus Mielenz, Jeffrey R. Anderson, Gary W Kramer
Abstract: Standard Reference Material (SRM) 2942 is a cuvette-shaped, Ce-ion-doped glass, recommended for use for relative spectral correction of emission and day-to-day performance verification of steady-state fluorescence spectrometers. Properties of this st ...

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