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31. DMD diffraction measurements to support design of projectors for test and evaluation of multispectral and hyperspectral imaging sensors
Topic: Optical Metrology
Published: 6/1/2009
Authors: Joseph Paul Rice, Jorge Enrique Neira, Michael Kehoe, Rand Swanson
Abstract: We describe our use of Digital Micromirror Devices (DMDs) for the performance testing, characterization, calibration, and system-level data product validation of multispectral and hyperspectral imaging sensors. We have developed a visible Hyperspectr ...

32. Deformation-Free Form Error Measurements of Thin, Plane-Parallel Optics Floated on a Heavy Liquid
Topic: Optical Metrology
Published: 4/1/2010
Authors: JiYoung Chu, Ulf Griesmann, Quandou Wang, Johannes A Soons, Eric C Benck
Abstract: We describe a novel method for measuring the unconstrained flatness error of thin, plane parallel precision optics by floating them on high-density aqueous metatungstate solutions while measuring the flatness error with an interferometer. The supp ...

33. Design, Construction, and Testing of a New High Accuracy Spectrophotometer
Series: Technical Note (NIST TN)
Report Number: 729
Topic: Optical Metrology
Published: 6/1/1972
Authors: Klaus Mielenz, K Eckerle

34. Determination of the quantum yield of the ferrioxalate and KI/KIO3 actinometers and a method for the calibration of radiometer detectors
Topic: Optical Metrology
Published: 7/5/2011
Authors: J R Bolton, Michaela I. Stefan, Ping-Shine Shaw, Keith R Lykke
Abstract: Abstract: The quantum yields for two popular actinometers have been determined using the tunable laser light source at the National Institute for Standards and Technology in Gaithersburg, MD. The power of this light source has been calibrated agains ...

35. Development of an infrared optical scattering instrument from 1 um to 5 um
Topic: Optical Metrology
Published: 10/1/2009
Authors: Jinan Zeng, Leonard M Hanssen
Abstract: The wavelength coverage of the IR optical scattering instrument developed at the National Institute of Standards and Technology has been extended to cover the continuous range from 1 um to 5 um. Besides the previously available diode lasers at wavele ...

36. Dimensional Analysis of Through Silicon Vias Using the TSOM Method
Topic: Optical Metrology
Published: 7/12/2011
Authors: Ravikiran Attota, Andrew Rudack
Abstract: There is a great need for accurate, truly-3D metrology solutions that can be used for analysis of high aspect ratio features such as through-silicon-vias (TSVs). Through-focus scanning optical microscopy (TSOM) is an optical metrology method that pr ...

37. Dual frequency combs at 3.4 µm with subhertz residual linewidths
Topic: Optical Metrology
Published: 5/1/2010
Authors: Esther Baumann, Fabrizio Raphael Giorgetta, Ian R Coddington, William C Swann, Nathan Reynolds Newbury
Abstract: Two coherent 1.5-µm frequency combs are transferred to 3.4 µm by difference frequency generation with a 1064 nm cw laser. From a multi-heterodyne measurement, the residual linewidth between the comb teeth is resolution-limited at 200 mHz.

38. Dual-CGH Interferometry Test for X-Ray Mirror Mandrels
Topic: Optical Metrology
Published: 6/15/2008
Authors: Guangjun Gao, John Lehan, Ulf Griesmann
Abstract: We describe a glancing-incidence interferometric double-pass test, based on a pair of computer generated holograms (CGHs), for mandrels used to fabricate x-ray mirrors for space-based x-ray telescopes. The design of the test and its realization are d ...

39. Dual-comb-based characterization of rapidly tuned lasers
Topic: Optical Metrology
Published: 10/10/2011
Authors: Fabrizio Raphael Giorgetta, Esther Baumann, Ian R Coddington, William C Swann, Nathan Reynolds Newbury, Zeb W Barber, Peter Roos
Abstract: We demonstrate a technique to calibrate the instantaneous frequency versus time from a rapidly tuned cw laser. Our dual-comb-based spectrometer can measure optical waveforms tuned at 1500-THz/s rates over 5-THz bandwidths at high precision.

40. Effect of Dissolved Air on the Density and Refractive Index of Water
Topic: Optical Metrology
Published: 9/30/2005
Authors: Allan H Harvey, Simon G. Kaplan, John H. Burnett
Abstract: We consider the effect of dissolved air on the density and the refractive index of liquid water from 0 ¿aC to 50 ¿aC. The density effect is calculated from the best available values of Henry's constants and partial molar volumes for the components of ...

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