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701. The evaluation of photo/e-beam complementary grayscale lithography for high topography 3D structure
Topic: Electronics & Telecommunications
Published: 3/29/2013
Authors: Liya Yu, Richard J Kasica, Robert Dennis Newby, Lei Chen, Vincent K Luciani
Abstract: This article demonstrates and evaluates photo/e-beam grayscale complementary lithography processes for the fabrication of large area, high topography grayscale structure. The combination of these two techniques capitalizes on the capability of photol ...

702. The mechanisms of damage in ballistic fibers
Topic: Electronics & Telecommunications
Published: 9/13/2011
Authors: Walter G McDonough, Haruki Kobayashi, Jae Hyun Kim, Amanda Lattam Forster, Kirk D Rice, Gale Antrus Holmes

703. Thermal Component Models for Electro-Thermal Analysis of Multichip Power Modules
Topic: Electronics & Telecommunications
Published: 10/24/2002
Authors: J J. Rodriguez, John V. Reichl, Zharadeen Rodriguez Parrilla, Allen R Hefner Jr, David W. Berning, M Velez-Reyes, Jih-Sheng Lai
Abstract: Thermal component models are developed for multi-chip IGBT power electronic modules (PEM) and associated high-power converter heatsinks. The models are implemented in SABER and are combined with the electro-thermal IGBT and diode models to simulate t ...

704. Thermal Component Models for Electrothermal Network Simulation
Topic: Electronics & Telecommunications
Published: 12/31/1993
Authors: Allen R Hefner Jr, David L. Blackburn

705. Thermal Component Models for Electrothermal Network Simulation
Topic: Electronics & Telecommunications
Published: 12/31/1994
Authors: Allen R Hefner Jr, David L. Blackburn

706. Thermo-viscoelastic Analysis and Creep Testing of Ambient Cure Epoxy Adhesives Used in Construction Applications
Topic: Electronics & Telecommunications
Published: 7/30/2008
Authors: Joannie W Chin, Donald Lee Hunston, Aaron M Forster, Justin M Ocel, Jean Michel Hartmann, Paul Fuchs
Abstract: Epoxies are increasingly used in construction for structural applications and properties such as creep are very important. For this reason, the thermo-viscoelastic properties and creep response of two commercial, ambient cure structural epoxy adhesi ...

707. Third-Round Report of the SHA-3 Cryptographic Hash Algorithm Competition
Series: NIST Interagency/Internal Report (NISTIR)
Report Number: 7896
Topic: Electronics & Telecommunications
Published: 11/15/2012
Authors: Shu-jen H Chang, Ray A Perlner, William Edward Burr, Meltem Sonmez Turan, John M Kelsey, Souradyuti Paul, Lawrence E Bassham
Abstract: The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) opened a public competition on November 2, 2007 to develop a new cryptographic hash algorithm - SHA-3, which will augment the hash algorithms specified in the Federal Information Processing St ...

708. Time Domain Waveforms of a Line-Focus Transducer Probing Anisotropic Solids
Topic: Electronics & Telecommunications
Published: 1/1/1997
Authors: Nelson N. Hsu, Gerald V. Blessing, D Xiang
Abstract: We have developed a large lensless line-focus wideband ultrasonic transducer which can be used to probe solid materials through water. With conventional ultrasonic equipment the transducer can perform time and polarization resolved surface and body w ...

709. Time Evolution of Ion Energy Distributions and Optical Emission in Pulsed Inductively Coupled Radio Frequency Plasmas
Topic: Electronics & Telecommunications
Published: 10/1/2000
Authors: Martin Misakian, Eric C Benck, Yicheng Wang
Abstract: This article reports the results of time-resolved measurements of ion energy distributions (IEDs), relative ion densities, as well as optical emissions and electrical characteristics in pulsed, inductively coupled plasmas for the simple gas mixture o ...

710. Time and Polarization Resolved Ultrasonic Testing of Materials
Topic: Electronics & Telecommunications
Published: 1/1/1996
Authors: Gerald V. Blessing, D Xiang, Nelson N. Hsu
Abstract: We have developed a transducer which allows the benefits of Line Focus Beam (LFB) acoustic microscopy to be realized over large areas, using a conventional pulser-receiver. Experimental evidence is presented to show that the transducer is correctly ...

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