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71. Organic photovoltaic bulk heterojunctions with spatially varying composition.
Topic: Electron Physics
Published: 7/21/2011
Author: Paul M Haney
Abstract: We consider models of organic bulk heterojunction photovoltaics with spatially varying compo- sition of donor/acceptor materials. We find analytic expressions for the current-voltage relation in simplifed cases for two blend geometries, and find th ...

72. Oscillator Strength Values Derived from Electron Energy Loss Spectra of Molecules
Topic: Electron Physics
Published: 1/1/1972
Authors: R Huebner, Robert Celotta

73. Oscillator Strength Values Derived from Electron Energy Loss Spectra of Small Molecules
Topic: Electron Physics
Published: 1/1/1973
Authors: R Huebner, Robert Celotta, S Mielczarek, C Kuyatt

74. Perspective on Probing Metallic Ferromagnetism with Electrons
Topic: Electron Physics
Published: 3/21/2011
Author: Daniel Thornton Pierce
Abstract: This article presents a brief review of some of the many insights gained about metallic ferromagnetism using spin-polarized electrons as probes. Aspects of metallic ferromagnetism discussed include spin-dependent electronic structure, spin-dependent ...

75. Preliminary Report on Electron Energy-Loss Measurements for C Cl F^d3^, C Cl^d2^F^d2^, and C Cl^d3^F
Topic: Electron Physics
Published: 6/1/1975
Authors: D L Bushnell, R Huebner, Robert Celotta, S Mielczarek

76. Progress on Spin Detectors and Spin-polarized Electron Scattering from Na at NIST
Topic: Electron Physics
Published: 1/1/1990
Author: Jabez J McClelland
Abstract: We provide a simple explanation, based on an effective field, for the precession damping rate due to the spin-orbit interaction. Previous effective field treatments of spin-orbit damping include only variations of the state energies with respect to ...

77. Recent Advances in Polarized Electron Sources
Topic: Electron Physics
Published: 3/27/1980
Authors: Daniel Thornton Pierce, Robert Celotta

78. Report on Electron Spectroscopy for Gas Analysis
Topic: Electron Physics
Published: 9/1/1972
Authors: Robert Celotta, S Mielczarek, C Kuyatt

79. Representation of Focal Properties of the Equal-Diameter Two-Tube Electrostatic Lens for Computer Calculations
Topic: Electron Physics
Published: 11/1/1973
Authors: A Galejs, C Kuyatt
Abstract: Previous calculations have given accurate first-order focal properties for the two-tube electrostatic lens at discrete voltage ratios. For computer optimization, calculations involving systems of two-tube lenses, one must be able to calculate the fo ...

80. Resonant Structure in Electron Impact Excitation of CO Near Threshold
Topic: Electron Physics
Published: 6/15/1975
Authors: Nils Swanson, Robert Celotta, C Kuyatt, J Cooper

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