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41. GaAs Spin Polarized Electron Source
Topic: Electron Physics
Published: 4/1/1980
Authors: Daniel Thornton Pierce, Robert Celotta, G Wang, W Unertl, A Galejs, C Kuyatt, S Mielczarek
Abstract: The design, construction, operation, and performance of a spin polarized electron source utilizing photoemission from negative electron affinity (NEA) GaAs are presented in detail. A polarization of 43{plus or minus}2% is produced using NEA GaAs (100 ...

42. Recent Advances in Polarized Electron Sources
Topic: Electron Physics
Published: 3/27/1980
Authors: Daniel Thornton Pierce, Robert Celotta

43. Sources of Polarized Electrons
Topic: Electron Physics
Published: 1/1/1980
Authors: Robert Celotta, Daniel Thornton Pierce

44. Electron Impact Spectroscopy: An Overview of the Low-energy Aspects
Topic: Electron Physics
Published: 1/1/1979
Authors: Robert Celotta, R Huebner

45. Focusing and dispersing properties of a stigmatic crossed-field energy analyzer
Topic: Electron Physics
Published: 5/1/1978
Authors: A Galejs, C Kuyatt
Abstract: The electron-optical properties of a stigmatic crossed-field energy analyzer (double-focusing Wien filter) have been obtained from exact trajectory calculations. The results are given in the form of focusing and dispersing coefficients to the second ...

46. Systematic transformations of the asymptotic aberration coefficients of round electrostatic lenses (1)
Topic: Electron Physics
Published: 5/1/1978
Author: C Kuyatt
Abstract: In previous work we formulated the third-order asymptotic aberration coefficients of round (axially symmetric) electrostatic lenses in a form independent of object and aperture positions, and expressions for the six quantities which are sufficient t ...

47. Temperature Effects in Polarized Low-Energy Electron Scattering from Solids and Liquids
Topic: Electron Physics
Published: 3/1/1978
Author: W Unertl
Abstract: The effects of temperature on the polarization of low-energy electrons scattered from surfaces of liquids, polycrystals, and single crystals are discussed. The polarization of the single scattering component of the intensity is shown to be independe ...

48. Tests of Fourth-Order Difference Equations for Laplace's Equation in Cylindrical Coordinates
Topic: Electron Physics
Published: 1/1/1978
Authors: C Kuyatt, A Galejs

49. Attenuation lengths of low-energy electrons in solids derived from the yield of proton-excited Auger electrons: beryllium and aluminum
Topic: Electron Physics
Published: 8/15/1977
Authors: Cedric John Powell, R Stein, J Needham, T J Driscoll
Abstract: Values are reported for the absolute yields of KVV Auger electrons from beryllium and L^d23^VV Auger electrons from aluminum excited by 60- to 220-keV proton bombardment. The measurements were made using semi-infinite evaporated samples, and the resu ...

50. Apparent Oscillator Strength for Water Vapor
Topic: Electron Physics
Published: 2/1/1977
Authors: R Huebner, M E O'Conner, Robert Celotta, S Mielczarek

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