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51. Analyses of Thin Films and Surfaces by Cold Neutron Depth Profiling
Topic: Chemistry
Published: 11/1/2004
Authors: George Paul Lamaze, Huaiyu H Chen-Mayer, K K Soni

52. Analysis of Construction Conditions Affecting the Structural Response of the Cooling Tower at Willow Island, West Virginia (NBS IR 80-2010)
Series: NIST Interagency/Internal Report (NISTIR)
Report Number: 80-2010
Topic: Chemistry
Published: 7/30/1980
Authors: Hai Sang Lew, S. G. Fattal
Abstract: The initial investigation of the Willow Island cooling tower collapse (NBS IR 78-1578)established that the most probable cause of the collapse was the imposition of construction loads on the tower before the concrete had gained adequate strength. Th ...

53. Analysis of Fuel Ethanol Plant Liquor with the Composition Explicit Distillation Curve Method
Topic: Chemistry
Published: 4/16/2009
Authors: Thomas J Bruno, Arron Wolk, Alexander Naydich
Abstract: While the use of ethanol and ethanol blends as motor fuels dates back to the earliest vehicles, ethanol has recently received extraordinary attention as a renewable liquid fuel. In the United States, the application of this fluid is mainly as an add ...

54. Analysis of Kaolinite/Chrysotile Mixtures by Ashing and X-Ray Diffraction
Topic: Chemistry
Published: 9/1/2002
Authors: Jennifer R Verkouteren, Eric S Windsor, Joseph M Conny, R L Perkins, J T Ennis
Abstract: A simple ashing procedure is described that converts kaolinite to amorphous metakaolinite while retaining the diffraction intensity of chrysotile. This ashing procedure removes the XRD pattern overlap between kaolinite and chrysotile that can interf ...

55. Analysis of Organometallic Gasoline Additives with the Composition-Explicit Distillation Curve Method
Topic: Chemistry
Published: 9/9/2010
Authors: Thomas J Bruno, Evgenii Baibourine
Abstract: Problems associated with pre-ignition of fuel in a spark ignition engine have been documented for many years, and include poor performance and structural damage. These problems were addressed in the past by adding organometallic additives such as te ...

56. Analytical Methods for the Determination of Organic Contaminants in Marine Sediments and Tissues
Topic: Chemistry
Published: 6/1/1988
Authors: Michele Miller Schantz, S. N. Chesler, B. J. Koster, Stephen Albert Wise

57. Analytical Methods for the Determination of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons on Air Particulate Matter
Topic: Chemistry
Published: 12/1/1982
Authors: Stephen Albert Wise, S.L. Bowie, S. N. Chesler, W.F. Cuthrell, Willie E May, R. E. Rebbert

58. Analytical Procedures for the Determination of Lead in Blood and Urine; Proposed Guidelines
Topic: Chemistry
Published: 8/1/1998
Authors: P J Parsons, J J Chisolm, H T Delves, R Griffin, Elaine W Gunter, W Slavin, N V Stanton, Robert D Vocke Jr.

59. Analytical Standards and Methods for the Determination of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons in Environmental Samples
Topic: Chemistry
Published: 12/1/1982
Authors: Willie E May, S. N. Chesler, Harry S Hertz, Stephen Albert Wise

60. Anomalous Behavior of Teflon-Based Helium Permeation Flow Standards
Topic: Chemistry
Published: 6/1/2007
Authors: Patrick J Abbott, Justin H Chow
Abstract: Helium leak testing is a vital step in assuring product reliability for anything that must be packaged in a sealed container. Examples abound from blister packaging for pharmaceuticals to aluminum wheel rims for automobiles. In order to quantify de ...

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