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911. NGP Search for New Chemicals-Environmentally Acceptable Fire Suppressants
Series: Special Publication (NIST SP)
Report Number: 984-4
Topic: Building and Fire Research
Published: 2/11/2006
Authors: J D Mather, R E Tapscott

912. Quantitative Comparison of Real and CEMHYD3D Model Microstructures Using Correlation Functions
Topic: Building and Fire Research
Published: 2/8/2006
Author: Dale P Bentz
Abstract: A quantitative comparison of real and computer-generated (model) cement paste microstructures based on the analysis of three-dimensional image sets is presented. In addition to a visual presentation of extracted two-dimensional images, the compariso ...

913. Correlating Interfacial Moisture Content and Adhesive Fracture Energy of Polymer Coatings on Different Surfaces
Topic: Building and Fire Research
Published: 2/1/2006
Authors: E P O'Brien, Christopher C White, B D. Vogt
Abstract: Environmental influences, such as ambient moisture, are well known to be detrimental to the adhesion of polymeric materials to metal surfaces. The adhesion loss does not generally correlate with the average moisture content of the polymer. Moisture ...

914. Influence of Water-to-Cement Ratio on Hydration Kinetics: Simple Models Based on Spatial Considerations
Topic: Building and Fire Research
Published: 2/1/2006
Author: Dale P Bentz
Abstract: sed on simple spatial considerations, models to describe the hydration kinetics of portland cement are developed and compared to existing experimental data, particularly in terms of the influence of the starting water-to-cement ratio (w/c) on hydrat ...

915. Micromagnetic Calculations of Eddy Currents with Time-Varying Fields
Topic: Building and Fire Research
Published: 2/1/2006
Authors: L Yanik, E D Torre, Michael J Donahue

916. Modeling the Influence of Limestone Filler on Cement Hydration in CEMHYD3D
Topic: Building and Fire Research
Published: 2/1/2006
Author: Dale P Bentz
Abstract: The ASTM C150 standard specification for portland cement now permits the addition of up to 5 % limestone filler. While these and much higher levels of limestone filler substitution have been employed in Europe and elsewhere for many years, the chang ...

917. R-22 Replacement Status (in Italian)
Topic: Building and Fire Research
Published: 2/1/2006
Authors: J M Calm, Piotr A Domanski
Abstract: Since its initial recognition in 1928 and commercialization in 1936, R-22 has been applied in systems ranging from the smallest window air conditioners to the largest chillers and heat pumps, including those for district cooling and heating. Individ ...

918. Requirements for an Effective Reverberation Chamber: Unloaded or Loaded
Topic: Building and Fire Research
Published: 2/1/2006
Authors: Christopher L Holloway, David Allan Hill, Galen H Koepke, John M Ladbury
Abstract: In this paper we present two versions of a threshold metric for the purpose of accessing the effectiveness of a reverberation chamber. One metric is based on the chamber quality factor (Q), and the other is based on the volume of the loaded reverbera ...

919. Cost-Effectiveness Tool Primer: Software Overview
Topic: Building and Fire Research
Published: 1/31/2006
Authors: Robert E Chapman, Amy S. Rushing
Abstract: Economic tools are needed to help the owners and managers of buildings, industrial facilities, and other critical infrastructure to select cost-effective combinations of mitigation strategies that respond to natural and man-made hazards. Economic to ...

920. Surface oxidation of Permalloy thin films
Topic: Building and Fire Research
Published: 1/24/2006
Authors: M. R. Fitzsimmons, Thomas J Silva, T. M. Crawford
Abstract: The chemical and magnetic structures of oxides on the surface of Permalloy Ni^d81^Fe^d19^ films were investigated as functions of annealing time with x-ray and polarized neutron reflectometry. For annealing times of less than one hour, the oxide cons ...

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