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21. Electron-Atom Collision Studies using Optically State Selected Beams
Topic: Atomic Physics
Published: 4/22/1984
Authors: Michael H Kelley, Robert Celotta, Daniel Thornton Pierce

22. Energy Levels and Observed Spectral Lines of Neutral and Singly Ionized Titanium, Ti I and Ti II
Series: J. Phys. & Chem. Ref. Data (JPCRD)
Topic: Atomic Physics
Published: 1/12/2012
Author: Edward Barry Saloman
Abstract: The energy levels and observed spectral lines of neutral and singly ionized titanium atoms have been compiled. Tables of energy levels and spectral lines are generated for each stage. Experimental g-factors and leading percentages are included when ...

23. Exchange Asymmetry in Elastic Scattering of Electrons by Sodium Atoms
Topic: Atomic Physics
Published: 4/1/1988
Author: D H Oza
Abstract: Calculations of the exchange asymmetry in elastic scattering of electrons by sodium atoms are reported at incident electron energies of 10 and 54.4 eV. The close-coupling calculations are performed with the four lowest target states of the sodium ato ...

24. Far-ultraviolet signatures of the 3He(n,tp) reaction in noble gas mixtures
Topic: Atomic Physics
Published: 12/8/2010
Authors: Patrick Hughes, Alan K Thompson, Michael Coplan, Robert Edward Vest, Charles W Clark
Abstract: Previous work showed that the 3He(n,tp) reaction in a cell of 3He at atmospheric pressure generated tens of far-ultraviolet photons per reacted neutron. Here we report amplification of that signal by factors of 1000 and more when noble gases are adde ...

25. Fe xvii X-ray Line Ratios for Accurate Astrophysical Plasma Diagnostics
Topic: Atomic Physics
Published: 2/20/2011
Authors: John D Gillaspy, E. H. Silver, L. Tedesco, Joseph N Tan, Joshua M Pomeroy, J M Laming, G.-X. Chen, T. Lin
Abstract: New laboratory measurements of the Ne-like Fe xvii x-ray lines in the 15-17 Angstrom range are presented, along with new theoretical predictions. These results establish consistency between independent laboratories and opens the door to trustworthy ...

26. Femtotesla atomic magnetometry in a microfabricated vapor cell
Topic: Atomic Physics
Published: 12/20/2010
Authors: William C. Griffith, Svenja A Knappe, John E Kitching
Abstract: We describe an optically pumped ^u87^Rb magnetometer with 4.5 fT/Hz^u1/2^ sensitivity when operated in the spin-exchange relaxation free (SERF) regime. The magnetometer uses a microfabricated vapor cell, consisting of a cavity etched in a 1 mm thick ...

27. Feshbach resonances in ultracold gases
Topic: Atomic Physics
Published: 4/29/2010
Authors: Chin P. Cheng, R Grimm, Paul S Julienne, Eite Tiesinga
Abstract: Feshbach resonances are the essential tool to control the interaction between atoms in ultracold quantum gases. They have found manifold experimental applications, opening up the way to important breakthroughs. This Review gives a broad coverage of t ...

28. High Current Monochromatic Electron Source for Polarized Electron-Atom Scattering
Topic: Atomic Physics
Published: 7/12/1985
Authors: C Feigerle, Daniel Thornton Pierce, A Seiler, Robert Celotta

29. Large Angle Superelastic Electron Scattering from Na(3P)
Topic: Atomic Physics
Published: 6/28/1987
Authors: Jabez J McClelland, Michael H Kelley, Robert Celotta
Abstract: Measurements of superelastic scattering of 2eV electrons from oriented Na(3P) atoms have been carried out over the angular range 10 to 120{degree}. Results are presented in terms of L^d{perp}^, the angular momentum transferred perpendicular to the s ...

30. Laser Photodetachment Determination of the Electron Affinities of OH, NH^d2^, NH, SO^d2^, and S^d2^
Topic: Atomic Physics
Published: 3/1/1974
Authors: Robert Celotta, R Bennett, John L. Hall
Abstract: ^d^^d^^d^ Using a fixed frequency argon ion laser, we have studied the energy spectra of electron photodetached from OH^u-^, NH^d2^^u-^, NH^u-^, SO^d2^^u-^, and S^d2^^u-^. We determined the following electron affinities: E^dA^(OH) = 1.829^u+0.010^^d ...

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