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21. Towards a compact cold atom frequency standard based on coherent populatoin trapping
Topic: Atomic Physics
Published: 6/2/2010
Authors: Francois-Xavier R. Esnault, Elizabeth A Donley, John E Kitching
Abstract: We describe in this paper the main features of a cold atom CPT based frequency standard. We explain our particular CPT configuration and our experimental setup. as well as present simulations of the expected performance (stability and major systemati ...

22. Feshbach resonances in ultracold gases
Topic: Atomic Physics
Published: 4/29/2010
Authors: Chin P. Cheng, R Grimm, Paul S Julienne, Eite Tiesinga
Abstract: Feshbach resonances are the essential tool to control the interaction between atoms in ultracold quantum gases. They have found manifold experimental applications, opening up the way to important breakthroughs. This Review gives a broad coverage of t ...

23. Multi-level Spectroscopy of Two-Level Systems Coupled to a dc SQUID Phase Qubit
Topic: Atomic Physics
Published: 4/7/2010
Authors: T. A. Palomaki, S. K. Dutta, R M Lewis, A J Przybysz, B. K. Cooper, H. Kwon, J. R. Anderson, C. J. Lobb, F. C. Wellstood, Eite Tiesinga
Abstract: We report spectroscopic measurements of discrete two-level systems (TLSs) coupled to a dc SQUID phase qubit with a 16 μm2 area Al/AlOx/Al junction. Applying microwaves in the 10 GHz to 11 GHz range, we found eight avoided level crossings with sp ...

24. Weight Functions for Biases in Atomic Frequency Standards
Topic: Atomic Physics
Published: 3/1/2010
Author: Jon Hardy Shirley
Abstract: Many perturbations that affect atomic frequency standards vary during the period of measurement. To include this time variation, we introduce three time-dependent weight functions built from the solution of the unperturbed equations of motion of a t ...

25. Quantum information processing and quantum control with trapped atomic ions
Topic: Atomic Physics
Published: 12/14/2009
Author: David J Wineland
Abstract: The role of trapped atomic ions in the field of quantum information processing is briefly reviewed. We discuss some of the historical developments that enabled ions to enter the field and then summarize the basic mechanisms required for logic gates a ...

26. Quasi-phasematched Second Harmonic Generation in GaAs Microdisks
Topic: Atomic Physics
Published: 11/15/2009
Authors: Paulina S Kuo, W Fang, Glenn Scott Solomon
Abstract: We discuss design and tuning of second-harmonic generation in GaAs microdisks. Quasi-phasematching can be achieved in the microdisk geometry without external domain inversions, but efficient nonlinear optical mixing requires that all waves be resonan ...

27. Radiofrequency dressing of multiple Feshbach resonances
Topic: Atomic Physics
Published: 11/3/2009
Authors: A M Kaufman, R P Anderson, Thomas Mark Hanna, Eite Tiesinga, Paul S Julienne, D S Hall
Abstract: We demonstrate and explain the coupling of several proximate Feshbach resonances in $^{87}$Rb using radiofrequency (rf) radiation. We present accurate measurements of the resonances and observe the changes in the scattering properties that arise thro ...

28. Uncooled, Millimeter-Scale Atomic Magnetometers with Femtotesla Sensitivity
Topic: Atomic Physics
Published: 10/26/2009
Authors: John E Kitching, Svenja A Knappe, William C. Griffith, Jan Preusser, V Gerginov, Peter D. Schwindt, Vishal Shah, Ricardo Jimenez Martinez
Abstract: We summarize recent results at NIST to develop high-performance yet highly miniaturized magnetic sensors based on atomic vapors confined in microfabricated alkali vapor cells. These sensors currently achieve sensitivities in the range of a few tens o ...

29. Effective three-body interactions and decoherence of coherent atom states in optical lattices
Topic: Atomic Physics
Published: 9/15/2009
Authors: Philip Johnson, Eite Tiesinga, James V Porto, Carl J Williams
Abstract: We show that virtual excitations of neutral bosons to higher vibrational states in a three dimensional optical lattice generate effective, tunable, attractive three-body interactions. These effective processes can quickly decohere coherent states hel ...

30. Collisional cooling of ultra-cold atom ensembles using Feshbach resonances
Topic: Atomic Physics
Published: 9/8/2009
Authors: Ludwig G. Mathey, Eite Tiesinga, Paul S Julienne, Charles W Clark
Abstract: We propose a new type of cooling mechanism for ultra-cold fermionic atom ensembles, which capitalizes on the energy dependence of inelastic collisions in the presence of a Feshbach resonance. We first discuss the case of a single magnetic reson ...

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