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41. Band offsets of atomic-layer-deposited Al2O3 on GaAs and the effects of surface treatment.
Topic: Bioscience & Health
Published: 8/27/2008
Authors: Nhan V Nguyen, Oleg A Kirillov, Weirong Jiang, Wenyong Wang, John S Suehle, P. D Ye, Y. Xuan, N. Goel, Kwang-Woo Choi, Wilman Tsai
Abstract: In this letter we report the band offsets of the Al/Al2O3/GaAs structure determined by internal photoemission and spectroscopic ellipsometry.  The energy barrier height at the Al2O3 and sulfur-passivated GaAs interface is found to be 3.0 eV, whi ...

42. BioEqCalc: A Package for Performing Equilibrium Calculations on Biochemical Reactions
Topic: Bioscience & Health
Published: 4/1/2001
Authors: D Akers, Robert Nathan Goldberg
Abstract: A Mathematica package BioEqCalc.m has been developed for treating complex equilibria in aqueous solutions. The package is geared towards the treatment of biochemical systems and as such yields information on the molalities and mole fractions of the ...

43. Biochemical and Structural Characterization of the Secreted Chorismate Mutase (Rv1885c) from Mycobacterium Tuberculosis H37Rv: An AroQEnzyme not Regulated by the Aromatic Amino Acids
Topic: Bioscience & Health
Published: 12/1/2006
Authors: S-K. Kim, S. K. Reddy, Bryant C Nelson, G B. Vasquez, A M. Davis, A Howard, S. Patterson, G L. Gilliland, Jane E Ladner, Prasad T Reddy

44. Biomarkers Signal Contaminant Effects on the Organs of English Sole (Parophrys vetulus) from Puget Sound
Topic: Bioscience & Health
Published: 6/1/2006
Authors: D. C. Malins, K. M. Anderson, J. J. Stegeman, Pawel Jaruga, V. M. Green, N. K. Gilman, M Miral Dizdar

45. Black optical coating for high-power laser measurements from carbon nanotubes and silicate
Topic: Bioscience & Health
Published: 1/15/2009
Authors: Christopher L Cromer, Katie Hurst, Xiaoyu X. Li, John H Lehman
Abstract: We describe a coating based on potassium silicate, commonly known as water glass, and multiwall carbon nanotubes. The coating has a high absorbance (0.96 at 1064 nm in wavelength) and a laser damage threshold that is comparable to that of ceramic coa ...

46. Bright single photon emission from a quantum dot in a circular Bragg grating microcavity
Topic: Bioscience & Health
Published: 11/1/2012
Authors: Serkan Ates, Luca Sapienza, Marcelo Ishihara Davanco, Antonio Badolato, Kartik A Srinivasan

Topic: Bioscience & Health
Published: 6/5/2011
Authors: Houxun H. Miao, Kartik A Srinivasan, Matthew T. Rakher, Marcelo Ishihara Davanco, Vladimir A Aksyuk
Abstract: We report a novel type of fully integrated optomechanical sensor and demonstrate high sensitivity mechanical displacement measurements on chip. We sense the motion of micro and nano-mechanical devices by near field coupling them to high quality facto ...

Topic: Bioscience & Health
Published: 12/1/1991
Author: M Miral Dizdar

49. Calculating sequence-dependent melting stability of duplex DNA oligomers and multiplex sequence analysis by graphs
Topic: Bioscience & Health
Published: 9/1/2001
Authors: A. S. Benight, P. Pancoska, R. Owczarzy, Peter M Vallone, J. Nesetril, P. V. Riccelli

50. Cell Adhesion to Borate Glasses by Colloidal Probe Microscopy
Topic: Bioscience & Health
Published: 8/1/2011
Authors: Sheldon Martin Wiederhorn, Carl George Simon Jr., Young-Hun Chae
Abstract: The adhesion of Osteoblast-like cells to silicate and borate glasses was measured using colloidal probe microscopy in a cell growth medium. The probe consisted of silicate and borate glass spheres, 25 µm to 50 µm in diameter, attached to the tip of a ...

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