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11. A Superconducting Microwave Power Limiter for Protection of High-Performance Superconducting Electronics
Topic: Bioscience & Health
Published: 7/11/2003
Authors: James C Booth, Kenneth Leong, Susan Schima
Abstract: We report on the development of a microwave power limiter based on high temperature superconductor technology. The power limiter takes the form of a 50 Ω coplanar waveguide transmission line that can be reversibly driven into the normal state as ...

12. A Thermodynamic Investigation of Reactions Catalyzed by Tryptophan Synthase
Topic: Bioscience & Health
Published: 7/27/1998
Authors: N Kishore, Yadu D. Tewari, D Akers, Robert Nathan Goldberg, E. W. Miles
Abstract: Microcalorimetry and high-performance liquid chromatography have been used to conduct a thermodynamic investigation of the following reactions catalyzed by the tryptophan synthase [alpha]^d2^[Beta]^d2^ complex (EC and its subunits:indole(aq ...

13. A Thermodynamic and Time Course Study of the Lipase-Catalyzed Transesterification of Benzyl Alcohol and Butyl Acetate in Supercritical Carbon Dioxide Media
Topic: Bioscience & Health
Published: 8/16/2004
Authors: Yadu D. Tewari, T. Ihara, Karen W Phinney, M P. Mayhew
Abstract: The time course and thermodynamics of the lipase-catalyzed transesterification reaction (benzl alcohol + butyl acetate = benzyl acetate + 1-butanol) has been studied in supercritical carbon dioxide (SCCO^d2^), n-hexane, toluene, and neat media (no so ...

14. A calorimetric and equilibrium investigation of the reaction {methyl ferulate(aq) + H2O(l) = methanol(aq) + ferulic acid(aq)}
Topic: Bioscience & Health
Published: 1/3/2011
Authors: Robert Nathan Goldberg, Michael J Selig, Stephen R. Decker, Brian E Lang
Abstract: Microcalorimetry and high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) have been used to conduct a thermodynamic investigation of the reaction: {methyl ferulate(aq) + H2O(l) = methanol(aq) + ferulic acid(aq), as catlyzed by feruloyl esterase. Values of ...

15. A chip-scale, telecommunications-band frequency conversion interface for quantum emitters
Topic: Bioscience & Health
Published: 9/9/2013
Authors: Imad I. Agha, Serkan Ates, Marcelo Ishihara Davanco, Kartik A Srinivasan

16. A multistate model for the fluorescence response of R-phycoerythrin
Topic: Bioscience & Health
Published: 5/1/2006
Authors: Adolfas Kastytis Gaigalas, David Travis Gallagher, Kenneth D Cole, T. Singh, Lili Wang, Y. Z. Zhang

17. A new model of pulse oximetry: Two-dimensional pulsation
Topic: Bioscience & Health
Published: 3/14/2007
Authors: Shao Yang, Paul B Batchelder, Dena M Raley
Abstract: We developed a two-dimensional pulsation model of pulse oximetry. Instead of a one-dimensional single layer as in the conventional theory, the arteries pulsate in two dimensions taking into account the effect of probing light that does not pass throu ...

Topic: Bioscience & Health
Published: 6/17/2009
Authors: Martin Y Chiang, Joy P Dunkers
Abstract: Cells can distinguish between different types of mechanical signals, such as stretch (tension), pressure (compression), and shear, to guide mechanosensitive cellular activities. Cell culture systems with controlled delivery of a mechanical input such ...

19. ASTM E57 - 3D Imaging Systems
Topic: Bioscience & Health
Published: 6/4/2008
Authors: Geraldine S Cheok, Alan M. (Alan M.) Lytle, Kamel S Saidi
Abstract: As the applications for 3D imaging systems continue to grow, the need for standards to evaluate these systems has become more critical. The ASTM E57 3D Imaging committee established in 2006 was formed specifically to develop standard terminology ...

20. Active Transcriptomic and Proteomic Reprogramming in the C. elegans Nucleotide Excision Repair Mutant xpa-1
Topic: Bioscience & Health
Published: 4/10/2013
Authors: Katarzyna Arczewska, Gisele Tomazella, Jessica Lindvall, Henok Kassahun, Silvia Maglioni, Alessandro Torgovnick, Johan Henriksson, Olli Matilainen, Bryce J. Marquis, Bryant C Nelson, Eshrat Babaie, Carina Holmberg, Thomas Burglin, Natascia Ventura, Bernd Thiede, Hilde Nilsen
Abstract: Transcription-blocking oxidative DNA damage is believed to contribute to aging and to underlie activation of oxidative stress-responses and down-regulation of insulin-like signaling (ILS) in Nucleotide Excision Repair (NER) deficient mice. Here, we p ...

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