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11. O2 A-band line parameters to support atmospheric remote sensing. Part II: The rare isotopologues
Topic: Nanomechanics
Published: 7/21/2011
Authors: Joseph Terence Hodges, David A Long, Daniel K Havey, S. S. Yu, M Okumura, Charles E Miller
Abstract: Frequency-stabilized cavity ring-down spectroscopy (FS-CRDS) was employed to measure over 100 transitions in the R-branch of the b1Σg+←X3Σg-(0,0) band for the rare O2 isotopologues. The use of 17O- and 18O-enriched mixtures allowed fo ...

12. Overwhelming thermomechanical motion with microwave radiation pressure shot noise
Topic: Nanomechanics
Published: 8/21/2015
Authors: John D Teufel, Florent Quentin Lecocq, Raymond Wiley Simmonds
Abstract: We measure the fundamental noise processes associated with a continuous linear position measurement of a micromechanical membrane incorporated in a microwave cavity optomechanical circuit. We observe the trade-o ff between the two fundamental sou ...

13. PDH-locked, frequency-stabilized cavity ring-down spectrometer
Topic: Nanomechanics
Published: 6/16/2011
Authors: Joseph Terence Hodges, A. Cygan, Piotr Maslowski, Katarzyna Ewelina Bielska, S. Wojtewicz, J. Domyslawska, H Abe, R.S. Trawinski, R. Ciurylo
Abstract: We describe a high sensitivity and high spectral resolution laser absorption spectrometer based upon the frequency-stabilized cavity ring-down spectroscopy (FS-CRDS) technique. We used the Pound-Drever-Hall (PDH) method to lock the probe laser to th ...

14. Quantum Electromechanics on Silicon Nitride Nanomembranes
Topic: Nanomechanics
Published: 8/3/2016
Authors: Johannes Fink, Mahmoud Kalaee, Alessandro Pitanti, Richard Norte, Lukas Heinzle, Marcelo Ishihara Davanco, Kartik A Srinivasan, Oskar Painter
Abstract: We present a platform based upon silicon nitride nanomembranes for integrating superconducting microwave circuits with planar acoustic and optical devices such as phononic and photonic crystals. Utilizing tensile stress and lithographic patterning of ...

15. Si3N4 optomechanical crystals in the resolved-sideband regime
Topic: Nanomechanics
Published: 1/27/2014
Authors: Marcelo Ishihara Davanco, Serkan Ates, Yuxiang Liu, Kartik A Srinivasan
Abstract: We demonstrate sideband-resolved Si3N4 optomechanical crystals supporting 105 quality factor optical modes at 980 nm, coupled to approximately 4 GHz frequency mechanical modes with quality factors of approximately 3000. Optomechanical electromagneti ...

16. Small footprint nano-mechanical plasmonic phase modulators
Topic: Nanomechanics
Published: 6/21/2015
Authors: Vladimir A Aksyuk, Brian Scott Dennis, Michael Haftel, David Czaplewski, Daniel Lopez, Girsh Blumberg
Abstract: The authors‰ recent Nature Photonics article titled ,Compact Nano-Mechanical Plasmonic Phase ModulatorsŠ [1] is reviewed which reports a new phase modulation principle with experimental demonstration of a 23 μm long non-resonant modulator having ...

17. Third-Order Intermodulation Distortion due to Self-heating in Gold Coplanar Waveguides
Topic: Nanomechanics
Published: 5/23/2010
Authors: Eduard Rocas, Juan C. Collado Gomez, Nathan D Orloff, James C Booth
Abstract: We present measurements and modeling of a self-heating mechanism responsible for third order intermodulation distortion in coplanar waveguide transmission lines. Temperature fluctuations, at the envelope frequency of the input signal, induce dynamic ...

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