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211. Spin-Polarized Inverse Photoelectron Spectroscopy of Solid Surfaces: Ni(110)
Topic: Nanomagnetics
Published: 10/4/1982
Authors: John Unguris, A Seiler, Robert Celotta, Daniel Thornton Pierce, Philip Johnson, N. Smith
Abstract: Inverse photoemission spectra have been measured on Ni(110) at 9.7-eV photon energy with a spin-polarized electron source. Consistent with band theory, a d-band-derived peak is observed just above the Fermi level that corresponds to transitions to mi ...

212. Reversible Step Rearrangement and Segregation on Nickel Surfaces at the Curie Temperature
Topic: Nanomagnetics
Published: 10/1/1982
Authors: Terrence J Jach, J Hamilton
Abstract: Reversible step period rearrangement and carbon segregation have been observed on clean nickel single-crystal surfaces whose bulk is also relatively free of impurities. These transitions occurred over a temperature range of 35 K at the nickel Curie ...

213. Spin-Dependent Elastic Scattering of Electrons from a Ferromagnetic Glass Ni^d40^Fe^d40^ B^d20^
Topic: Nanomagnetics
Published: 9/1/1982
Authors: Daniel Thornton Pierce, Robert Celotta, John Unguris, H Siegmann
Abstract: The dependence of the elastic scattering of electrons on the relative direction of the spin of the incident electron with respect to the magnetization of the ferromagnetic glass Ni^d40^Fe^d40^ B^d20^ was measured at various energies, angles, and temp ...

214. Spin and Energy Analyzed Secondary Electron Emission from a Ferromagnet
Topic: Nanomagnetics
Published: 7/5/1982
Authors: John Unguris, Daniel Thornton Pierce, A Galejs, Robert Celotta
Abstract: Measurements are presented of the energy dependence of the spin polarization of low-energy (0.5-25 eV) secondary electrons when a 500-eV primary beam is incident on an iron-based ferromagnetic glass. The polarization of the lowest-energy electrons i ...

215. Possibilities for the use of Electron Spin Polarization in Scanning Electron Microscopy
Topic: Nanomagnetics
Published: 1/1/1982
Authors: Robert Celotta, Daniel Thornton Pierce

216. Structural Phase Transitions on Nickel at the Curie Temperature
Topic: Nanomagnetics
Published: 3/16/1981
Authors: J Hamilton, Terrence J Jach
Abstract: It is observed that a reversible step period rearrangement on clean nickel single-crystal surfaces occurs in the immediate vicinity of the Curie temperature. Reversible carbon segregation is observed on the same crystal surfaces below the Curie poin ...

217. Spin Dependent Attenuation Lengths for Ferromagnets
Topic: Nanomagnetics
Published: 3/1/1981
Authors: R W Rendell, David R. Penn
Abstract: Spin dependent attenuation lengths (AL) as a function of the hot electron energy are calculated for Fe, Co, and Ni. If {lambda} ^u1^({lambda}^u1^) is the AL of an electron with spin parallel (antiparallel) to the majority spin direction of the ferrom ...

218. Spin Dependent Absorption of Electrons in a Ferromagnetic Metal
Topic: Nanomagnetics
Published: 2/9/1981
Authors: H Siegmann, Daniel Thornton Pierce, Robert Celotta
Abstract: It is found that the current collected by a ferromagnet placed in an electron beam depends on the orientation of the incident electron spin. At certain energies, only electrons with spins parallel or antiparallel to the net surface spin density caus ...

219. Spin Polarization in Electron Scattering from Surfaces
Topic: Nanomagnetics
Published: 1/1/1981
Authors: Daniel Thornton Pierce, Robert Celotta

220. Terbium-Doped Magnetite Nanocrystals for Multimodal Imaging Agents
Topic: Nanomagnetics
Published: Date unknown
Authors: Katherine P. Rice, Stephen E Russek, Roy Howard Geiss, Justin M Shaw, Robert J. Usselman, Eric R Evarts, Thomas J Silva, Hans Toya Nembach, Elke Arenholz, Yves Idzerda
Abstract: High quality cubic Tb-doped magnetite nanocrystals have been fabricated and have shown that the Tb is incorporated into the octahedral 3+ sites. Magnetization and FMR data indicate that the Tb spins are weakly coupled to the iron spin lattice at ...

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