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91. Three-dimensional simulation study of the improved on/off current ratio in silicon nanowire field-effect transistors
Topic: Nanoelectronics and Nanoscale Electronics
Published: 9/30/2008
Authors: Chang-Yong Choi, Won-Ju Cho, Sang-Mo Koo, John S Suehle, Curt A Richter, Qiliang Li, Eric Vogel
Abstract: In this paper, we report an approach based on three-dimensional numerical simulations for the investigation of the dependence of the on/off current ratio in silicon nanowire (SiNW) field-effect transistors (FETs) on the channel width. In order to inv ...

92. The Integration of Molecular Electronic Devices with Traditional CMOS Technologies
Topic: Nanoelectronics and Nanoscale Electronics
Published: 8/28/2008
Authors: Nadine Emily Gergel-Hackett, Askia A Hill, Christina Ann Hacker, Curt A Richter
Abstract: This work describes the development of hybrid circuits composed of silicon-based molecular electronic devices and traditional CMOS technology. In the development of these circuits, we first fabricated individual CMOS-compatible molecular electronic ...

93. Molecule induced interface states dominate charge transport in Si-alkyl-metal junctions
Topic: Nanoelectronics and Nanoscale Electronics
Published: 8/26/2008
Authors: Lam H. Yu, Nadine Emily Gergel-Hackett, Christopher D Zangmeister, Christina Ann Hacker, Curt A Richter, James G. Kushmerick
Abstract: Abstract. Semiconductor-molecule-metal junctions consisting of alkanethiol mono- layers self-assembled on both p+ and n¡ type highly doped Si(111)wires contacted with a 10 ¹m Au wire in a crossed-wire geometry are examined. Low temperature transpo ...

94. Design, Fabrication, and Characterization of High-Performance Silicon Nanowire Transistors
Topic: Nanoelectronics and Nanoscale Electronics
Published: 8/1/2008
Authors: Qiliang Li, Xiaoxiao Zhu, Yang Yang, D. E Ioannou, Hao Xiong, John S Suehle, Curt A Richter
Abstract: We report the fabrication and characterization of double-gated Si nanowire field effect transistors with excellent current-voltage characteristics, low subthreshold slope ~ 85 mV/dec and high on/off current ratio ~ 10^6. The Si nanowire devices a ...

95. Non-planar nanofluidic devices for single molecule analysis fabricated using nanoglassblowing
Topic: Nanoelectronics and Nanoscale Electronics
Published: 6/17/2008
Authors: Elizabeth Strychalski, Samuel M Stavis, Harold G Craighead
Abstract: A method termed 'nanoglassblowing' is presented for fabricating integrated microfluidic and nanofluidic devices with gradual depth changes and wide, shallow nanochannels.  This method was used to construct fused silica channels with out-of-plane ...

96. Modeling Ion Transport in Tethered Bilayer Lipid Membranes. 1. Passive Ion Permeation
Topic: Nanoelectronics and Nanoscale Electronics
Published: 6/10/2008
Authors: Joseph William Robertson, Marcel G Friedrich, Kibrom Asmormom, Wolfgang Knoll, Dieter Walz, Renate L Naumann

97. Controlled Encapsulation of a Hydrophilic Drug Simulant in Nano-Liposomes Using Continuous Flow Microfluidics
Topic: Nanoelectronics and Nanoscale Electronics
Published: 6/4/2008
Authors: Andreas Jahn, Joseph E. (Joseph E.) Reiner, Wyatt N Vreeland, Don DeVoe, Laurie E Locascio, Michael Gaitan
Abstract: A new method to tailor the size and size distribution of nanometer scale liposomes and control loading of liposomes with a model drug in a continuous-flow microfluidic design is presented. Size and size dispersion are determined with tandem Asymmetr ...

98. Stable Insulating Tethered Bilayer Lipid Membranes
Topic: Nanoelectronics and Nanoscale Electronics
Published: 6/2/2008
Authors: Inga K. Vockenroth, Christian Ohm, Joseph William Robertson, Duncan J. McGillivray, Mahias Losche, Ingo Koper
Abstract: Tethered bilayer lipid membranes have been shown to be an excellent model system for biological membranes. Coupling of a membrane to a solid supports creates a stable system that is accessible for various surface analytical tools. Good electrical s ...

99. The Challenge of Measuring Defects in Nanoscale Dielectrics
Topic: Nanoelectronics and Nanoscale Electronics
Published: 5/26/2008
Authors: Kin P Cheung, John S Suehle
Abstract: Defects in nanoscale gate dielectric of MOS devices can exchange charges with the substrate via quantum mechanical tunneling. This characteristic has been utilized in many measurement methods to measure the defects and its spatial distribution. In so ...

100. Measurements for the Reliability and Electrical Characterization of Semiconductor Nanowires
Topic: Nanoelectronics and Nanoscale Electronics
Published: 4/30/2008
Authors: Curt A Richter, Hao Xiong, Xiaoxiao Zhu, Wenyong Wang, Vincent M Stanford, Qiliang Li, D. E Ioannou, Woong-Ki Hong, Takhee Lee
Abstract: Nanoelectronic devices based upon self-assembled semiconductor nanowires are excellent research tools for investigating the behavior of structures with sub-lithographic features as well as a promising basis for future information processing technolog ...

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