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Topic: Polymers
Published: 11/24/2009
Authors: Eun S. Park, John R Sieber, Charles Martin Guttman, Kirk D Rice, Kathleen M. Flynn, Stephanie S Watson, Gale Antrus Holmes
Abstract: There is great interest in the degradation of ballistic fibers from exposure to sunlight and high humidity, because it directly affects the lives of people who use protective ballistic armor. However, to date, no mechanism has been found to explain ...

12. A Multilens Measurement Platform for High-Throughput Adhesion Measurements
Topic: Polymers
Published: 12/1/2004
Authors: Aaron M Forster, Weiping Zhang, Christopher M Stafford
Abstract: There are few methods available for performing high-throughput adhesion measurements. Current high-throughput methodologies for measuring interfacial adhesion rely on serial or sequential testing of discrete or continuous libraries. Alternatively, ...

13. A New Design for High-Throughput Peel Tests: Statistical Analysis and Example
Topic: Polymers
Published: 12/1/2004
Authors: A Chiche, Weiping Zhang, Christopher M Stafford, Alamgir Karim
Abstract: The peel test is one of the most common techniques to investigate the properties of pressure sensitive adhesives (PSAs). As the demand increases for combinatorial tools to rapidly test material performance, designinig a high-throughput peel test is a ...

14. A New Synthetic Method for Controlled Polymerization of HPMA Using a Microfluidic System
Topic: Polymers
Published: 2/1/2004
Authors: Tao Wu, Ying Mei, J Cabral, Chang Xu, Kathryn L Beers
Abstract: Atom transfer radical polymerizations (ATRP) were performed in a microfluidic channel, fabricated in a solvent resistant polymer matrix. Compared to conventional batch polymerization, microfluidic platforms offer a unique opportunity to handle small ...

15. A Novel High-Throughput Measurement Method for Determining the Elastic Moduli of Polymer Thin Films
Topic: Polymers
Published: 7/17/2006
Authors: Christopher M Stafford, C Harrison
Abstract: Thin films are increasingly being used in technological applications involving dielec-tric coatings, resist layers for lithography, electronic packaging, optical coatings, etc. As chemists design and synthesize new materials for such applications an ...

16. A Novel Microshear Test to Measure Dental Adhesion
Topic: Polymers
Published: 2/1/2001
Authors: Joseph M Antonucci, Walter G McDonough, Gary Edward Schumacher, Y Shimada
Abstract: A key factor in determining the strength and durability of polymeric dental restorative composites, sealants and adhesives is the quality of their interfaces/interphases. Bulk mechanical strength tests such as tensile, transverse and shear tests are ...

17. A Practical and Systematic Review of Weibull Statistics for Reporting Strengths of Dental Materials
Topic: Polymers
Published: 9/11/2009
Authors: Janet Quinn, George David Quinn
Abstract: Objective: To review the history, theory and current applications of Weibull analysis sufficient to make informed decisions regarding practical use of the analysis in dental material strength testing. Data: References are made to examples in the eng ...

18. A Rapid Prototyping Technique for the Fabrication of Solvent-Resistant Structures
Topic: Polymers
Published: 10/1/2003
Authors: C Harrison, J Cabral, Christopher M Stafford, Alamgir Karim, Eric J. Amis
Abstract: We demonstrate a rapid prototyping technique for the fabrication of solvent-resistant channels up to and exceeding one millimeter in height. The fabrication of channels with such dimensions by conventional lithography would be both challenging and t ...

19. A Robust and High-Throughput Measurement Platform for Monomer Reactivity Ratios from Surface-Initiated Polymerization
Topic: Polymers
Published: 2/23/2012
Authors: Kirt Anthony Page, Derek Patton, Emily Hoff, Michael J Fasolka, Kathryn L Beers
Abstract: This article describes a robust approach to measure monomer reactivity ratios from surface-initiated copolymerization, by measuring composition of statistical copolymer brush surfaces using x-ray photoelectron spectroscopy. Statistical copolymer br ...

20. A SANS Study of Sulfonate End Group Effect on Polystyrene Self-Diffusion
Topic: Polymers
Published: 1/1/2001
Authors: S D Kim, E M Boczar, Barry J. Bauer, A Klein, L H Sperling

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