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21. Dynamic Material Properties for Machining Simulation Using the NIST Pulse-Heated Kolsky Bar
Topic: Metals
Published: 1/1/2003
Author: Richard L. Rhorer
Abstract: The modeling or simulation of machining processes is important for economically implementing new manufacturing processes such as high-speed milling or ultraprecision machining. Knowing if a process will provide the required output prior to investing ...

22. Editorial Preface
Topic: Metals
Published: 1/13/2011
Author: George Gibson Harman

23. Effect of oxidation on surface-enhanced Raman scattering activity of silver nanoparticles: a quantitative correlation
Topic: Metals
Published: 6/6/2011
Authors: Yun Han, Robert Lupitskyy, Tseng-Ming Chou, Christopher M Stafford, Henry Du, Svetlana Sukhishvili
Abstract: The effect of silver oxidation on surface-enhanced Raman scattering (SERS) was investigated using citrate-reduced silver nanoparticles (Ag NPs) (45-50 nm in diameter) immobilized on glass substrate. Oxidation of Ag NPs was performed in controlled ozo ...

24. Electron Transport in Gold Nanowires: Stable 1-, 2- and 3-Dimensional Atomic Structures and Non-Integer Conduction States
Topic: Metals
Published: 9/14/2011
Authors: Francesca M Tavazza, Douglas T Smith, Lyle E Levine, Jon Robert Pratt, Anne Marie Chaka
Abstract: Experimental conductivity measurements made during highly stable tensile deformation of Au nanowires show a rich variety of behaviors, including non-integer quantum conductance plateaus, transitions and slopes. Using tight binding conductance cal ...

25. Estimation of Process Stability in the MAG Welding Process by Monitoring the Welding Parameters
Topic: Metals
Published: 11/1/2001
Author: Thomas Allen Siewert
Abstract: This paper presents the distribution of the main welding parameters (welding voltage and welding current) for semiautomatic arc welding with the metal active gas (MAG) process, using both flux- cored and solid electrodes. Two different shielding fas ...

26. Finite-element analysis and experimental investigation of probe shape effect on initial plastic yield
Topic: Metals
Published: 3/3/2009
Authors: Li Ma, Dylan Morris, Stefhanni Jennerjohn, David Bahr, Lyle E Levine
Abstract: Sudden displacement excursions during load-controlled nanoindentation of relatively dislocation-free surfaces of metals are frequently associated with dislocation nucleation, multiplication, and propagation. Insight into the nanomechanical origins of ...

27. Formic acid oxidation on Pt_{100-x}Pb_{x} thin films electrodeposited on Au
Topic: Metals
Published: 4/4/2011
Authors: Sun M. Hwang, John E Bonevich, Jae Jeong Kim, Thomas P Moffat
Abstract: Electrocatalytic formic acid oxidation is examined on electrodeposited Pt_{100-x}Pb_{x} thin films grown on textured Au(111). Metastable fcc Pb_{100-x}Pt_{x} (0 ...

28. Fracture Toughness through a Welded Pipeline Section - Crack Tip Opening Angle Criterion
Topic: Metals
Published: 4/23/2007
Authors: Philippe P. Darcis, Christopher N McCowan, Elizabeth S Drexler, Joseph David McColskey, Avigdor Shtechman, Thomas Allen Siewert
Abstract: The increasing demand for natural gas as an alternative energy source implies continued growth of gas pipeline installations. This trend compels the natural gas transmission industry to consider the construction of larger-diameter, higher-pressure pi ...

29. Frustrated magnetization reversal in Co/Pt multilayer films
Topic: Metals
Published: 7/13/2009
Authors: Joseph E. Davies, O Hellwig, Eric E. Fullerton, M. Winklhofer, Robert D Shull, Kai Liu
Abstract: The magnetization reversal behavior in Co/Pt multilayers with perpendicular anisotropy are studied by the first order reversal curve (FORC) method. In addition to the previously observed three stage reversal process where domains first nucleate, the ...

Topic: Metals
Published: 3/31/2008
Authors: Thomas Allen Siewert, Joseph David McColskey, Angelique N Lasseigne
Abstract: In 2007, the National Institute of Standards and Technology greatly expanded its efforts in support of the use of hydrogen as a fuel.   Various NIST divisions have started projects on measurement needs in the areas of flow rates, storage, mater ...

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