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1. 400-Fold Reduction in Saturation Field by Interlayering
Topic: Metals
Published: 1/13/2009
Authors: William F. Egelhoff Jr., John E Bonevich, Philip Pong, John Unguris, Robert D McMichael, Gery R Stafford, Carlos R Beauchamp
Abstract: The buildup of stress with increasing thickness of magnetic thin films is a common phenomenon that often induces undesirable saturation fields that can convert an otherwise magnetically soft film into a magnetically hard one. We have found that by i ...

2. A Study of the Fundamental Relationships Between Deformation-Induced Surface Roughness and Strain Localization in AA5754
Topic: Metals
Published: 7/1/2009
Authors: Mark R Stoudt, Joseph Bunton Hubbard, Mark A Iadicola, Stephen W Banovic
Abstract: This research characterizes deformation-induced surface roughness produced by 3, in plane, proportional strain modes to determine the microstructural conditions that promote strain localization in AA5754-O aluminum alloy sheet. Integrating high-reso ...

3. A reassessment of the Al-Fe system using a four sublattice model for the DO 3 ordering
Topic: Metals
Published: 4/9/2009
Authors: Ursula R Kattner, Bo Sundman, Ikuo Ohnuma, N Dupin, S Fries
Abstract: The Al-Fe system is important in many alloys and the new interest in iron aluminides makes it necessary to improve the modelling of the different ordered forms of the A2 lattice in this system. This has now been done using a 4 sublattice model based ...

Topic: Metals
Published: 1/5/2009
Authors: Angelique N Lasseigne, Kamalu Koenig, David Olson, Brajendra Mishra, Joshua Jackson, Thomas Allen Siewert, Joseph David McColskey
Abstract: New higher strength pipeline steels (X100 and X120) exhibit lower tolerance for hydrogen (diffusible and formed hydrides) before significant degradation or failure occurs. It is essential to have advanced sensors to monitor the hydrogen content and ...

5. Airless Solar System Bodies: Improvements to Radiative Transfer Modeling of Reflectance Spectra
Topic: Metals
Published: 11/2/2010
Author: Nhan V Nguyen

6. An electrical pulse-heated Kosky bar technique for high strain rate flow stress measurements of rapidly heated metals
Topic: Metals
Published: 9/13/2009
Authors: Steven P Mates, Stephen W Banovic, Richard L. Rhorer, Timothy J Burns, Eric Paul Whitenton, D Basak
Abstract: We have developed a unique electrical pulse-heated Kolsky Bar technique for measuring the flow stress of metals at heating rates of up to 6000 °C per second and strain rates up to 10^4 per second. Under these conditions, which are approaching those f ...

7. Analysis of Welding Parameter Distribution in Stud Arc Welding
Topic: Metals
Published: 7/15/2007
Authors: Ivan Samardzic, Stefanija Klaric, Thomas Allen Siewert
Abstract: This paper describes the application of on-line monitoring system for recording welding current and voltage during stud arc welding with a ceramic ferrule. Recorded values of welding current and voltage are analyzed off-line for the weld process wi ...

8. Analyzing Microstructure by Rietveld Refinement
Topic: Metals
Published: 6/1/2005
Authors: Davor Balzar, N C Popa
Abstract: Rietveld refinement has a primary purpose of refining crystal structure. However, this powerful technique is being increasingly used for obtaining microstructural information, such as texture, crystallite size, strain and stress, and crystalline defe ...

9. Application of an On-Line Weld Monitoring System
Topic: Metals
Published: 9/12/2002
Authors: Thomas Allen Siewert, Ivan Samardzic, Stefanija Klaric
Abstract: quisition analysis and real-time manipulation of the welding parameters offer added controls over the weld quality. Thanks to the continual development of information technology and electronics, it is possible to improve the systems for monitoring ...

10. Bending of a Bimetallic Beam due to the Kirkendall Effect
Topic: Metals
Published: 1/1/2010
Authors: William J Boettinger, Geoffrey B McFadden
Abstract: The time dependent bending of single phase and two phase bimetal strips due to interdiffusion is computed. The model couples simple beam theory and diffusion, the bending being due to the creation and /annihilation of vacancies necessitated by unequa ...

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