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961. Displacive Phase Transition in SrTiO^d3^ Thin Films Grown on Si(001)
Topic: Ceramics
Published: Date unknown
Authors: F S Aguirre-Tostado, A Herrera-Gomez, Joseph C Woicik, R Droopad, Z Yu, D G Schlom, E Karapetrova, P Zschack
Abstract: Polarization dependent x-ray absorption fine structure measurements performed at the Ti K edge together with x-ray diffraction have been used to study the local structure in SrTiO3 thin films grown epitaxially on Si(001). SrTiO3 layers on Si(001) ar ...

962. Domain Pinning in Lead Zirconate Titanate Thin Films
Topic: Ceramics
Published: Date unknown
Authors: J Blendell, Grady S White
Abstract: Atomic force microscopy measurements of the piezoelectric response of a lead zirconate titanate (PZT) thin film detect domain pinning sites along grain boundaries. The locations of these sites are reproducible and 180 degrees domains appear to exten ...

963. Dopant Location Identification in Nd^u3+^-Doped TiO^d2^ Nanoparticles
Topic: Ceramics
Published: Date unknown
Authors: W Li, A I Frenkel, Joseph C Woicik, C Ni, S I Shah
Abstract: Doping large bandgap semiconductors is typically done in order to enhance photocatalytic, photovoltaic and other chemical and optoelectronic properties. The identification of dopant position and its local environment is essential to exploring the do ...

964. Duality of Dislocation Content of Grain Boundaries
Topic: Ceramics
Published: Date unknown
Authors: John Werner Cahn, Yuri Mishin, A Suzuki
Abstract: The Frank-Bilby equation (FBE) can give many solutions for the dislocation content of a grain boundary (GB); most of them are considered to have little physical reality except in limited ranges of the angles which characterize low-angle GBs. We expl ...

965. Effect of Abrasive Wear on Interfacial Shear Sliding Resistance in SiC Fiber-Reinforced Al^d2^0^d3^
Topic: Ceramics
Published: Date unknown
Authors: Kakisawa, Y Kagawa, Lin-Sien H Lum
Abstract: Interface wear behavior and its effects on the shear frictional sliding resistance in fiber-reinforced ceramics have been studied using SiC fiber (SCS-6)-reinforced A1203 matrix composite. Thin specimen pushout tests were performed and surface wear ...

966. Effect of Adhesion Hysteresis and Roughness Upon Solid-Liquid and Solid-Solid Friction
Topic: Ceramics
Published: Date unknown
Author: Michael Nosonovsky
Abstract: Mechanisms of energy dissipation during solid-solid and solid-liquid friction are discussed. A conservative van der Waals adhesion force, when combined with surface imperfectness, such as deformation, leads to adhesion histeresis (AH). When an asperi ...

967. Effect of Colloidal Probe Random Surface Features on Adhesion
Topic: Ceramics
Published: Date unknown
Authors: Seung Ho Yang, Stephen M. Hsu
Abstract: We have uncovered the fact that colloidal probes often have random surface features which when not properly accounted for, can significantly affect the magnitudes of the measured adhesive forces using atomic force microscopes (AFM). Colloidal probes ...

968. Effect of Elastic Interactions on Self-Assembling of Multiferroic Nanostructures in Epitaxial Films
Topic: Ceramics
Published: Date unknown
Authors: Julia Slutsker, Igor Levin, Jiying Li, A Artemev, Alexander Lazar Roytburd
Abstract: The theoretical and experimental studies of self-assembled multiferroic nanostructures in epitaxial films were combined to reveal the dominant role of elastic interactions, as caused by expitaxial stresses during growth, in defining the nanostructure ...

969. Effect of Wear Track Diameter on Tribological Behavior
Topic: Ceramics
Published: Date unknown
Author: S Jahanmir
Abstract: Wear tests were conducted using a pin-on-disk tribometer to evaluate the effect of disk track diameter on the tribological behavior. High purity alumina balls were used as pins sliding against glass-ceramic (IPS empress 2) disks under distilled wate ...

970. Effects of Bond Coat Surface-Roughness on Residual Stresses of Thermal Barrier Coating Systems
Topic: Ceramics
Published: Date unknown
Authors: C H Hsueh, J Haynes, M Lance, P Becher, M Ferber, Stephen Langer, W Carter, W R Cannon, Lin-Sien H Lum
Abstract: The adherence of plasma-sprayed thermal barrier coatings (TBCs) is dependent on mechanical interlocking at the interface between the ceramic top coat and the underlying metallic bond coat. A rough bond coat surface is required in order to establish ...

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