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31. Dimensional Inspection Planning Based on Product Data Standards
Topic: Systems Integration
Published: 7/1/1994
Author: Shaw C Feng
Abstract: This paper describes an activity model for dimensional inspection planning that bridges the gap between product design and the dimensional measurement of manufactured products. Functionally, this model specifies requirements for developing a part of ...

32. Documenting and Implementing Guidelines with Schematron
Topic: Systems Integration
Published: 8/26/2009
Author: Joshua Lubell
Abstract: Data exchange specifications must be broad and general in order to achieve acceptance, yet they must also be customizable in a controlled and interoperable manner in order to be useful. This paper describes an approach employing the Schematron lan ...

33. Dynamic customization, validation and integration of product data models using semantic web tools
Topic: Systems Integration
Published: 10/10/2014
Authors: Allison Barnard Feeney, Sylvere Ismael Krima, Sebti Foufou
Abstract: Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) requires robust solutions for representing and integrating product data models. Product data models enable information exchange across different organizations, actors, processes and stages in the product lifecyc ...

34. Engineering Change Management Concepts for Systems Modeling
Series: NIST Interagency/Internal Report (NISTIR)
Report Number: 7922
Topic: Systems Integration
Published: 4/22/2013
Authors: Conrad E Bock, Allison Barnard Feeney
Abstract: A significant cost of manufactured systems arises in changing system specifications after they have been built and delivered to customers. This might be due to errors in the original specifications, feedback from customers, competition from other ...

35. Engineering Informatics: Introduction to the Special Issue
Topic: Systems Integration
Published: 3/1/2008
Authors: Rachuri Rachuri, Eswaran Subrahmanian
Abstract: Computer-aided design, intelligent CAD, engineering analysis, collaborative design support, computer-aided engineering, and product lifecycle management are some of the terms that have emerged over the last 50 years of computing in engineering. Codif ...

36. Evaluating Suitability for Replacement of an Integrated Software Component
Topic: Systems Integration
Published: 8/1/2006
Authors: Boonserm Kulvatunyou, B Jeong, Hyunbo Cho, Nenad Ivezic, Albert W Jones
Abstract: An evaluation of the compatibility of a software component is based typically only on a vendor?s presentation. This means that end users select a software component only based on high-level matches of functional requirements. This can result in an un ...

37. Extensions to the recommended practices for GD&T in STEP-AP210 in the context of packaged electronic components
Series: NIST Interagency/Internal Report (NISTIR)
Report Number: 7634
Topic: Systems Integration
Published: 12/4/2009
Authors: Jamie Stori, Kevin G Brady, Thomas Thurman
Abstract: The purpose of this document is to extend the recommended practices for the representation of GD&T in STEP (ISO-10303) within the context of packaged electronic component models represented in AP210 (ISO-10303:210). The recommendations in this docume ...

38. Feasibility of Integrating OAGIS and BPMN
Topic: Systems Integration
Published: 10/22/2014
Authors: Denis Gagne, Conrad E Bock
Abstract: Engineering and enterprise processes overlap in their concerns, for example, coordinating product design and customer relations. Integration of these processes provides more efficient communication and higher quality results than leaving them separat ...

39. Feature-Based Process Planning in the AMRF
Topic: Systems Integration
Published: 7/1/1988
Authors: Mark Unger, Steven R. Ray
Abstract: The growing use of features in the design and manufacturing communities is due to the fact that features better capture the functionality or intent associated with a part design. The process planning team at the National Bureau of Standards is using ...

40. Flow Control in Time-Varying, Random Supply Chains
Series: NIST Interagency/Internal Report (NISTIR)
Report Number: 7907
Topic: Systems Integration
Published: 1/22/2013
Author: Ion Matei
Abstract: Today�s supply chains are more and more complex. They depend on a network of independent, yet interconnected moving parts. They rely on critical infrastructures and experience a lot of time variability and randomness. Designing strategies that ...

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