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11. An Evaluation Mechanism for Defining Gaps and Overlaps of Product Information Exchange Standards
Topic: Supply Chain
Published: 9/1/2007
Authors: Ram D Sriram, Mehmet Sarigecili, Mehmet M Baysal, Utpal Roy, Rachuri Rachuri
Abstract: The need to exchange information between organizations or departments of the same corporation is hampered by interoperability problems that mostly originate from the necessity to comply with diverse standards while using dissimilar applications. Each ...

12. An Optimization Approach for Semantic-based XML Schema Matching
Topic: Supply Chain
Published: 5/16/2013
Authors: Jaewook Kim, Yun Peng, Nenad Ivezic, Jun H. Shin
Abstract: We propose a novel solution for semantic-based XML schema matching, taking a mathematical programming approach. This method identifies the globally optimal solution for the problem of matching leaf nodes between two XML schema trees by reducing the t ...

13. Concept Analysis to Enrich Manufacturing Service Capability Models
Topic: Supply Chain
Published: 3/22/2013
Authors: Jun H. Shin, Boonserm Kulvatunyou, Yunsu Lee, Nenad Ivezic
Abstract: When an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), which makes a final product for the consumer marketplace by purchasing components from its suppliers, faces unexpected supply network failures and market events, models of suppliers‰ manufacturing servic ...

14. ICT for Supply Chains and Product Lifecycle Management: A Research Agenda for French-US Collaboration
Series: NIST Interagency/Internal Report (NISTIR)
Topic: Supply Chain
Published: 10/24/2007
Authors: A Bouras, Rachuri Rachuri, Eswaran Subrahmanian, Jean-Philippe Legrange
Abstract: Innovation is becoming more and more dependent on global networks of resources and skills. Research plays a critical role in the innovation process, providing a base of scientific and technological knowledge to help develop new products, processes, a ...

15. Interoperable Supply-Chain Applications: Message Metamodel-based Semantic Reconciliation of B2B Messages
Topic: Supply Chain
Published: 5/13/2009
Authors: Marko Vujasinovic, Edward J. Barkmeyer Jr., Nenad Ivezic, Zoran Marjanovic
Abstract: Supply-chain applications exchange numerous electronic business-to-business (B2B) messages of varied types. Often, the supply-chain applications need to interact even though the applications use different message specifications and different message- ...

16. Long-distance Manufacturing Supply Chain Management (brochure)
Topic: Supply Chain
Published: 11/17/2010
Author: Peter O Denno
Abstract: This is a brochure that describes NIST's work in manufacturing supply chains.

17. MOSS - Material Off-Shore Sourcing
Topic: Supply Chain
Published: 2/13/2007
Author: Peter O Denno
Abstract: The Automotive Industry Action Group (AIAG) Project, Customs / Logistics Strategies to Strengthen Long Distance Supply Chains, seeks to improve processes and information communication employed in intercontinental trade lanes. At the time this paper w ...

18. Manufacturing Interoperability Program, a Synopsis
Series: NIST Interagency/Internal Report (NISTIR)
Report Number: 7533
Topic: Supply Chain
Published: 2/24/2009
Author: Sharon J. Kemmerer
Abstract: Started in 2005, the Manufacturing Interoperability Program has seen an investment of roughly 25-30 full-time staff who have researched, developed, and deployed standards, tools, techniques, and testing environments --- helping manufacturing enterpri ...

19. Modeling and Monitoring of Construction Supply Chains
Topic: Supply Chain
Published: 8/1/2010
Authors: Jack C.P. Cheng, Kincho H. Law, Hans Bjornsson, Albert W Jones, Ram D Sriram
Abstract: The planning and management of supply chains require properly specifying the participating members and the relationships among them. Construction supply chains usually consist of numerous participants and are complex in structure. Representing cons ...

20. NIST's Logistics Integration Solutions
Series: Letter Circular
Topic: Supply Chain
Published: 9/1/2004
Author: Sharon J. Kemmerer
Abstract: The NIST Manufacturing Interoperability Program staff has years of experience developing standards, validating solutions, and providing interoperability results in the field of manufacturing. Building on this experience, NIST can: (1) Work with indu ...

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