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791. Towards a Traceable Nanoscale Force Standard
Topic: Metrology
Published: 5/1/2001
Authors: Jon Robert Pratt, David B Newell, Edwin Ross Williams, Douglas T Smith, John A Kramar
Abstract: The National Institute of Standards and Technology has launched a five-year project to traceably link the International System of Units (SI) to forces between 10^u-8^N and 10^u-2^N. In this paper, we give a background and overview of this project, di ...

792. Traceability Calibration, & Measurement Uncertainty Issues Regarding Coordinate Measuring Machines and Other Complex Instruments
Topic: Metrology
Published: 6/1/2000
Author: Steven David Phillips
Abstract: The modern definition of traceability intimately links the concepts of calibration (i.e., connection to the SI unit) and measurement uncertainty. In a typical coordinate measuring machine (CMM) measurement problem the measurement under consideration ...

793. Traceability for Ballistics Signature Measurements in Forensic Science
Topic: Metrology
Published: 12/1/2009
Authors: Jun-Feng Song, Theodore Vincent Vorburger, Susan M Ballou, Li Ma, Thomas B Renegar, Xiaoyu A Zheng, Martin Ols
Abstract: The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) in collaboration with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) has developed the Standard Reference Material (SRM) 2460 Bullets and 2461 Casings. NIST has also developed ...

794. Traceable Atomic Force Microscope Dimensional Metrology at NIST
Topic: Metrology
Published: 3/1/2006
Authors: Ronald G Dixson, Ndubuisi George Orji, Joseph Fu, Michael W Cresswell, Richard A Allen, William F Guthrie
Abstract: The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) has a multifaceted program in atomic force microscope (AFM) dimensional metrology.  There are two major instruments being used for traceable measurements at NIST.  The first is a cus ...

795. Traceable Calibration of Critical-Dimension Atomic Force Microscope Linewidth Measurements with Nanometer Uncertainty
Topic: Metrology
Published: 1/1/2005
Authors: Ronald G Dixson, Richard A Allen, William F Guthrie, Michael W Cresswell
Abstract: The use of critical dimension atomic force microscopes (CD-AFMs) in semiconductor manufacturing, both for process control and as a reference metrology tool, is increasing.  If the tip width is calibrated consistentlybetween measurements, a CD-AF ...

796. Traceable Calibration of a Critical Dimension Atomic Force Microscope
Topic: Metrology
Published: 3/9/2012
Authors: Ronald G Dixson, Ndubuisi George Orji, Craig Dyer McGray, John E Bonevich, Jon C Geist
Abstract: The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) has a multifaceted program in atomic force microscope (AFM) dimensional metrology. One component of this program, and the focus of this paper, is the use of critical dimension atomic force ...

797. Traceable Pico-Meter Level Step Height Metrology
Topic: Metrology
Published: 12/1/2004
Authors: Ndubuisi George Orji, Ronald G Dixson, Joseph Fu, Theodore Vincent Vorburger
Abstract: The atomic force microscope (AFM) increasingly being used as a metrology tool in the semiconductor industry where the features measured are at the nanometer level and continue to decrease. Usually the height sensors of the AFM are calibrated using st ...

798. Traceable Standards for Scanning Electron Microscopy
Topic: Metrology
Published: 1/1/1994
Author: Michael T Postek
Abstract: The emphasis on International Standards Organization (ISO) certification of laboratories has resulted in a renewed interest in NIST traceable standards for scanning electron microscopy (SEM). Under ISO certification, it is mandatory to calibrate and ...

799. Trial Shape-Sensitive Linewidth Measurement System
Topic: Metrology
Published: 11/1/2001
Authors: John S Villarrubia, Andras Vladar, Michael T Postek
Abstract: This is a report for a project to develop a scanning electron microscope (SEM) based shape-sensitive linewidth measurement system by improving the method by improving the method by which SEM data are analyzed. We report significant developments in al ...

800. Two-Dimensional Calibration Artifact and Measurement Methodology
Topic: Metrology
Published: 6/1/1999
Authors: Richard M Silver, Theodore D Doiron, William B. Penzes, S Fox, Edward A Kornegay, S Rathjen, M Takac, D Owen
Abstract: In this paper, we describe our design and the manufacturing of a two-dimensional grid artifact of chrome on quartz on a 6 inch by 6 inch by .250 glass blank. The design has been agreed upon by a number of SEMI participants working on a two-dimensiona ...

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