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Topic: Green Manufacturing
Published: 6/15/2012
Authors: Jatinder Madan, Mahesh Mani, Princepal Singh, Amrik Singh
Abstract: Currently available sustainability analysis systems for the die-casting process primarily depend on the material properties and do not account for process information. As a result they are unable to assess or compare the sustainability of parts made ...

2. A Prototype of Modeling and Simulation for Sustainable Machining
Topic: Green Manufacturing
Published: 1/19/2011
Authors: Guodong Shao, Eric Chernow, Deogratias Kibira, Kevin W Lyons
Abstract: Modeling and simulation techniques have frequently been utilized to analyze manufacturing processes. The simulation of Numerically Controlled (NC) machine tools is preferred to real machine testing of the programs due to the potential savings of time ...

3. An Engineer Grapples with Sustainable Manufacturing
Topic: Green Manufacturing
Published: 4/1/2011
Author: Vijay Srinivasan
Abstract: A personal view by the author of how, as a research engineer and manager, first in the private sector and now in government service, he witnessed the emergence of a compelling case for sustainable manufacturing and also gained several important insig ...

Topic: Green Manufacturing
Published: 8/17/2012
Authors: Mahesh Mani, Jatinder Madan, Jae H. Lee, Kevin W Lyons, Satyandra Kumar Gupta
Abstract: Manufacturing industries lack the measurement science and the needed information base to measure and effectively compare performances of manufacturing processes, resources and associated services with respect to sustainability. The current use of ...

5. Carbon Weight Analysis for Machining Operation and Allocation for Redesign
Series: NIST Interagency/Internal Report (NISTIR)
Report Number: 7560
Topic: Green Manufacturing
Published: 12/16/2009
Authors: Gaurav Ameta, Mahesh Mani, Rachuri Rachuri, Kevin W Lyons, Shaw C Feng, Ram D Sriram
Abstract: The objective of this research is to explore and develop a new methodology for computing carbon weight (CW) - often referred to as carbon footprint, in manufacturing processes from the part level to assembly level. In this initial study we focused on ...

6. Categorization of Indicators for Sustainable Manufacturing
Topic: Green Manufacturing
Published: 5/9/2013
Authors: Shaw C Feng, Che B. Joung, Prabir Sarkar, John Carrell
Abstract: Manufacturers around the globe have become aware of the importance of sustainable manufacturing. They are increasing their efforts to become more sustainable by using sustainability-related indicators to assess their performance; however, in these ef ...

7. Control of Molecular Mass Distributions in Enzymatic Lactone Polymerizations
Topic: Green Manufacturing
Published: 2/2/2012
Authors: Santanu S. Kundu, Peter M. Johnson, Kathryn L Beers
Abstract: Using a model developed for the enzyme catalyzed polymerization and degradation of poly(caprolactone), we illustrate methods and the kinetic mechanisms necessary to improve molecular mass distributions by manipulating equilibrium reactions in the kin ...

Topic: Green Manufacturing
Published: 11/25/2014
Authors: Guodong Shao, Alexander Brodsky, Seungjun Shin, Duck Bong Kim
Abstract: Sustainable manufacturing has significant impact on a company‰s business performance and competitiveness in today‰s world. A growing number of manufacturing industries are initiating efforts to address sustainability issues; however, to achieve a hig ...

9. Developing a Sustainability Manufacturing Maturity Model
Topic: Green Manufacturing
Published: 6/30/2010
Author: Mahesh Mani
Abstract: Sustainable manufacturing (SM) broadly implies the development of innovative manufacturing sciences and technologies that span the life cycle of products and services to minimize negative environmental impacts, conserve energy and natural resources, ...

10. Formation of Extended Ionomeric Network by Bulk Polymerization of L,D-lactide with Layered Double Hydroxide
Topic: Green Manufacturing
Published: 11/22/2012
Authors: Edward D. McCarthy, Mauro Zammarano, Douglas M. Fox, Ryan C Nieuwendaal, Yeon S. Kim, P H Maupin, Paul C Trulove, Jeffrey W Gilman
Abstract: We report the formation of an ionomeric network in a poly(L,D-lactide) hybrid nanocomposite, (PLDLA-HYB) during in-situ melt polymerization of L,D lactide in the presence of magnesium/aluminium layered-double-hydroxide (LDH) without added catalyst. ...

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