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1. A Methodology to Evaluate Wireless Technologies for the Smart Grid
Topic: Networking
Published: 10/4/2010
Authors: Michael R Souryal, Camillo A Gentile, David Wesley Griffith, David E Cypher, Nada T Golmie
Abstract: This paper presents a methodology for assessing the suitability of various wireless technologies for meeting the communication requirements of Smart Grid applications. It describes an approach for translating application requirements to link traffic ...

2. Analysis of Advanced Metering over a Wide Area Cellular Network
Topic: Networking
Published: 10/17/2011
Authors: Michael R Souryal, Nada T Golmie
Abstract: This paper presents a framework for analysis of the coverage and capacity of advanced metering over a wide area cellular network. The coverage analysis predicts the maximum cell size subject to an outage criterion, and the capacity analysis predicts ...

3. Biometrics in a Networked World
Topic: Networking
Published: 12/2/2012
Author: Kevin C Mangold

4. Channel-Adaptive Relaying in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks with Fading
Topic: Networking
Published: 10/1/2005
Authors: Michael R Souryal, Nader Moayeri
Abstract: This paper describes an approach for relaying in multihop networks that adapts to the time-varying channel and exploits spatial diversity to mitigate multipath fading. Ignored in some simulation-based performance analyses, fading arises from multipa ...

5. Cloud Computing Synopsis and Recommendations
Series: Special Publication (NIST SP)
Report Number: 800-146
Topic: Networking
Published: 5/29/2012
Authors: Mark L Badger, Timothy Grance, Robert Patt-Corner, Jeffrey Mark Voas
Abstract: This document reprises the NIST-established definition of cloud computing, describes cloud computing benefits and open issues, presents an overview of major classes of cloud technology, and provides guidelines and recommendations on how organizations ...

6. EDA Performance and Clock Synchronization Over a Wireless Network: Analysis, Experimentation and Application to Semiconductor Manufacturing
Topic: Networking
Published: 11/24/2009
Authors: Dhananjay Anand, Deepak Sharma, YaShian Li-Baboud, James Moyne
Abstract: Shrinking process tolerances due to decreasing device sizes and increasing chip complexity in semiconductor manufacturing are motivating efforts to improve methods of Equipment Data Acquisition (EDA). Prior work shows that the lack of precise tim ...

7. Energy Harvesting from the Human Leg Motion
Topic: Networking
Published: 7/23/2014
Authors: Kamran Sayrafian, Antonio M Possolo, Nathalie Yarkony
Abstract: Kinetic energy harvested from the human body motion seems to be one of the most attractive and convenient solution for wearable wireless sensors in healthcare applications. Due to their small size, such sensors typically have a very limited battery- ...

8. Establishing Wireless Robust Security Networks: A Guide to IEEE 802.11i
Series: Special Publication (NIST SP)
Report Number: 800-97
Topic: Networking
Published: 2/7/2007
Authors: Sheila E Frankel, Bernard Eydt, L Owens, Karen Kent Scarfone
Abstract: This report provides readers with a detailed explanation of next generation 802.11 wireless security. It describes the inherently flawed Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP) and explains 802.11i's two-step approach (interim and long-term)to providing effec ...

9. EtherNet/IP Interoperability Recommendations
Topic: Networking
Published: 4/22/2009
Authors: James D Gilsinn, Kevin Knake
Abstract: The EtherNet/IP interoperability recommendations are a result of work generated by the ongoing series of EtherNet/IP Implementors Workshops. The recommendations were created to promote EtherNet/IP device interoperability through product functionality ...

10. Experimental Demonstration of an Active Quantum Key Distribution Network with Over Gbps Clock Synchronization
Topic: Networking
Published: 12/4/2007
Authors: Lijun Ma, Alan Mink, Hai Xu, Oliver T Slattery, Xiao Tang
Abstract: We demonstrate a three-node QKD network that allows multiple users to share secure keys. This QKD network operates on the 850 nm and 1550 nm wavelengths at 1.25 Gbps clock rate. The communication route is controlled by a MEMS optical switch. In this ...

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