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81. Contradictions and Justifications: Extensions to the Textual Entailment Task
Topic: Imaging
Published: 6/16/2008
Author: Ellen M Voorhees
Abstract: The third PASCAL Recognizing Textual Entailment Challenge (RTE-3) contained an optional task that extended the main entailment task by requiring a system to make three-way entailment decisions (entails, contradicts, neither) and to justify its respon ...

82. Operational Measures and Accuracies of ROC Curve on Large Fingerprint Data Sets
Series: NIST Interagency/Internal Report (NISTIR)
Report Number: 7495
Topic: Imaging
Published: 5/8/2008
Author: Jin Chu Wu
Abstract: At any point on a receiver operating characteristic (ROC) curve in combination with two distributions of genuine scores and impostor scores, there are three related variables: the true accept rate (TAR) of the genuine scores, the false accept rate (F ...

83. On The TREC Blog Track
Topic: Imaging
Published: 4/30/2008
Authors: Iadh Ounis, Craig Macdonald, Ian M Soboroff
Abstract: The rise of blogging as a new grassroots publishing medium and the many interesting peculiarities that characterize blogs compared to other genres of documents opened up several new interesting research areas in the information retrieval field.   ...

84. The CLEAR 2007 Evaluation
Topic: Imaging
Published: 3/31/2008
Authors: Rainer Stiefelhagen, Keni Bernardin, R Bowers, Richard T. Rose, Martial Michel, John S Garofolo
Abstract: This paper is a summary of the 2007 CLEAR Evaluation on the Classification of Events, Activities, and Relationships which took place in early 2007 and culminated with a two-day workshop held in May 2007. CLEAR is an international effort to evaluate ...

85. On Test Collections for Adaptive Information Retrieval
Topic: Imaging
Published: 3/17/2008
Author: Ellen M Voorhees
Abstract: Traditional Cranfield test collections represent an abstraction of a retrieval task that Sparck Jones calls the core competency of retrieval: a task that is necessary, but not sufficient, for user retrieval tasks.  The abstraction facilitates ...

86. MINEX II Performance of Fingerprint Match-on-Card Algorithms - Phase II Report
Series: NIST Interagency/Internal Report (NISTIR)
Report Number: 7477
Topic: Imaging
Published: 2/29/2008
Authors: Patrick J Grother, Wayne J Salamon, Michael D Indovina, Craig I Watson
Abstract: The MINEX II trial was conducted to evaluate the accuracy and speed of Match-on-Card verification algorithms. These run on ISO/IEC 7816 smart cards. They compare conformant reference and verification instances of the ISO/IEC 19794-2 COMPACT CARD fing ...

87. Nonparametric Analysis of Fingerprint Data on Large Data Sets
Topic: Imaging
Published: 12/7/2006
Authors: Jin Chu Wu, Charles Wilson
Abstract: By executing different fingerprint-image matching algorithms on large data sets, it reveals that the match and non-match similarity scores have no specific underlying distribution function. Thus, it requires a nonparametric analysis for fingerprint-i ...

88. Nonparametric Statistical Data Analysis of Fingerprint Minutiae Exchange with Two-Finger Fusion
Topic: Imaging
Published: 12/7/2006
Authors: Jin Chu Wu, Michael D Garris
Abstract: A nonparametric inferential statistical data analysis is presented. The utility of this method is demonstrated through analyzing results from minutiae exchange with two-finger fusion. The analysis focused on high-accuracy vendors and two modes of m ...

89. An Empirical Study of Sample Size in ROC-Curve Analysis of Fingerprint Data
Topic: Imaging
Published: 12/4/2006
Authors: Jin Chu Wu, Charles Wilson
Abstract: The fingerprint datasets in many cases may exceed millions of samples. Thus, the needed size of a biometric evaluation test sample is an important issue in terms of both accuracy and efficiency. In this article, an empirical study, namely, using Ch ...

90. Perceptual Study of the Impact of Varying Frame Rate on Motion Imagery Interpretability
Topic: Imaging
Published: 3/1/2006
Authors: Charles D. Fenimore, J Irvine, D Cannon, John W. Roberts, A Aviles, S Israel, Michelle Brennan, L Simon, J Miller, Donna Haverkamp, P F Tighe, Michael Gross
Abstract: The development of a motion imagery (MI) quality scale, akin to the National Image Interpretibility Rating Scale (NIIRS) for still imagery, would have great value to designers and users of surveillance and other MI systems. A multi-phase study has ad ...

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