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41. Shape and Size Analysis and Standards
Topic: Data and Informatics
Published: 10/6/2008
Authors: Afzal A Godil, Sanford P Ressler
Abstract: The field of anthropometry is the science of measurement of the human body from which comparisons and characterizations of the size and shape of the body in different postures can take place. The size and shape of human bodies are important in many a ...

42. Identifying Objects in Range Data Based on Similarity Transformation Invariant Shape Signatures
Topic: Data and Informatics
Published: 8/19/2008
Authors: Xiaolan Li, Asim Wagan, Afzal A Godil
Abstract: Identification and recognition of three dimensional (3D) objects in range data is a challenging problem. We propose a novel method to fulfill the task through two steps: 1) construct the feature signatures for the objects in the scene and the models ...

43. Mind the Gap: Dangers of Divorcing Evaluations of Summary Content from Linguistic Quality
Topic: Data and Informatics
Published: 8/18/2008
Authors: Hoa Trang Dang, John M Conroy
Abstract: In this paper, we analyze the state of current human and automatic evaluation of topic-focused summarization in the Document Understanding Conference main task for 2005-2007. The analyses show that while ROUGE has very strong correlation with respo ...

44. Limits of Opinion-Finding Baseline Systems
Topic: Data and Informatics
Published: 7/21/2008
Authors: Ian M Soboroff, Craig Macdonald, Ben He, Iadh Ounis
Abstract: In opinion-finding, the retrieval system is tasked with re- trieving not just relevant documents, but which also express an opinion towards the query target entity. Most opinion- finding systems are based on a two-stage approach, where initia ...

45. Relevance assessment: are judges exchangeable and does it matter?
Topic: Data and Informatics
Published: 7/21/2008
Authors: Ian M Soboroff, Peter Bailey, Nick Craswell, Alan Smeaton, Emine Yilmaz, Paul Thomas
Abstract: We investigate to what extent people making relevance judgments for a reusable IR test collection are exchangeable. We consider three classes of judge: gold standard judges, who are topic origi- nators and are experts in a particular informat ...

46. Reversal mechanisms in perpendicular magnetic nanostructures
Topic: Data and Informatics
Published: 7/16/2008
Authors: Justin M Shaw, Stephen E Russek, Michael J Donahue, Thomas Thomson, Bruce Terris, Michael Schneider, Miles Olsen
Abstract: We find that the reversal mechanism in magnetic nanostructures is highly dependent on the nature and condition of the edges. Temperature and size dependent reversal properties of fabricated perpendicularly magnetized nanostructures down to 25 nm in d ...

47. Improving Environmental Information Handling and Data Exchange within the Electronics Industry
Topic: Data and Informatics
Published: 7/15/2008
Authors: Eric D Simmon, John V Messina
Abstract: Environmental regulations impacting the electronics industry are driving the need for new data management systems to track environmental data including material data. This paper describes efforts to take a holistic approach in managing this informati ...

48. Translation Adequacy and Preference Evaluation Tool (TAP-ET)
Topic: Data and Informatics
Published: 5/28/2008
Authors: Mark Allan Przybocki, Kay Peterson, P. Sebastien Bronsart
Abstract: Evaluation of Machine Translation (MT) technology is often tied to the requirement for tedious manual judgments of translation quality. While automated MT metrology continues to be an active area of research, a well known and often accepted standard ...

49. User-Centered Usability Engineering Processes for Websites
Topic: Data and Informatics
Published: 4/7/2008
Authors: Theresa O'Connell, E Murphy
Abstract: For Websites to succeed, they must be user-centered. This is accomplished through usability engineering. The first part of this article gives usability engineering definitions; the second describes its processes.

50. Evaluating Visual Analytics: The 2007 Visual Analytics Science and Technology Symposium Contest
Topic: Data and Informatics
Published: 1/14/2008
Authors: Catherine Plaisant, Georges Grinstein, Jean Scholtz, Mark Whiting, Theresa O'Connell, Sharon J Laskowski, T Chien, A Tat, W Wright, C Gorg, Z Liu, N Parekh, K Singhal, John Stasko
Abstract: The second Visual Analytics Science and Technology (VAST) contest?s data consisted of a heterogeneous synthetic collection of news articles with additional supporting files and contained a scenario with embedded threats that provided ground truth. Us ...

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