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21. Compression Guidance for 1000 ppi Friction Ridge Imagery
Series: Special Publication (NIST SP)
Report Number: 500-289
Topic: Biometrics
Published: 2/24/2014
Authors: Shahram Orandi, John M Libert, John Donald Grantham, Kenneth Ko, Stephen S Wood, Frederick R Byers, Bruce Bandini, Stephen G. Harvey, Michael D Garris
Abstract: This special publication provides guidance for compression of 1000 ppi friction ridge imagery as well as an interoperability pathway between legacy 500 ppi friction ridge imagery and new 1000 ppi friction ridge image data.

22. Towards NFIQ II Lite: Self-Organizing Maps for Fingerprint Image Quality Assessment
Series: NIST Interagency/Internal Report (NISTIR)
Report Number: 7973
Topic: Biometrics
Published: 2/3/2014
Author: Elham Tabassi
Abstract: Fingerprint quality assessment is a crucial task which needs to be conducted accurately in various phases in the biometric enrolment and recognition processes. Neglecting quality measurement will adversely impact accuracy and efficiency of biometri ...

23. The neural representation of faces and bodies in motion and at rest
Topic: Biometrics
Published: 1/29/2014
Authors: P Jonathon Phillips, Alice O'Toole, Vaidehi Natu, Xiaobo An, Rice Allyson, James Ryland
Abstract: The neural organization of person processing relies on brain regions functionally selective for faces or bodies, with a subset of these regions preferring moving stimuli. Although the response properties of the individual areas are well established, ...

24. IREX IV: Part 2 Compression Profiles for Iris Image Compression
Series: NIST Interagency/Internal Report (NISTIR)
Report Number: 7978
Topic: Biometrics
Published: 1/23/2014
Authors: George W Quinn, Patrick J Grother, Mei L Ngan, Nick Rymer
Abstract: The IREX IV evaluation builds upon IREX III as a performance test of one-to-many iris recognition. This report is the second part of the IREX IV evaluation, which specifically, evaluates the ability of automated iris recognition algorithms to ma ...

25. Comparison of Human and Computer Performance Across Face Recognition Experiments
Topic: Biometrics
Published: 1/1/2014
Authors: P Jonathon Phillips, Alice J. O'Toole
Abstract: Since 2005, human and machine performance has been systematically compared as part of face recognition competitions, with results being been reported for both still and video imagery. The key results from these competitions are reviewed. To analys ...

26. Biometric Identity Assurance Services
Topic: Biometrics
Published: 12/19/2013
Author: Kevin C Mangold

27. WS-Biometric Devices
Topic: Biometrics
Published: 12/17/2013
Authors: Kevin C Mangold, Ross J Micheals

28. The role of the face and body in person identification
Topic: Biometrics
Published: 12/12/2013
Authors: P Jonathon Phillips, Rice Allyson, Alice O'Toole
Abstract: Information useful for identifying a person can be found both in the face and body. Previous studies indicate that when an entire person is visible, we rely strongly on the face for identification, even if the body can be useful. In this study, we me ...

29. Introduction to Face Recognition and Evaluation of Algorithm Performance
Topic: Biometrics
Published: 11/14/2013
Authors: P Jonathon Phillips, J. Ross Beveridge, Geof H. Givens, Bruce A. Draper, Yui M. Lui, David Bolme
Abstract: The field of biometric face recognition blends methods from computer science, engineering and statistics, however statistical reasoning has been applied predominantly in the design of recognition algorithms. Here we broadly review face recognition fr ...

30. A Baseline for Assessing Biometrics Performance Robustness: A Case Study across Seven Iris Datasets
Topic: Biometrics
Published: 11/7/2013
Authors: Yooyoung Lee, James J Filliben, Ross J Micheals, Michael D Garris, P Jonathon Phillips
Abstract: We examine the robustness of algorithm performance over multiple datasets collected with different sensors. This study provide insight as to whether an algorithm performance derived from traditional controlled environment studies will robustly extrap ...

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