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31. Evaluation of the Physicochemical Authenticity of Aviation Kerosene Surrogate Mixtures Part II: Analysis and Prediction of Thermophysical Properties
Topic: Fossil Fuels
Published: 7/19/2010
Authors: Thomas J Bruno, Marcia L Huber
Abstract: In part I of this series of papers, we presented an evaluation strategy that can be applied to surrogate mixtures for finished fuels. This strategy uses the advanced distillation curve approach to evaluate the surrogate in terms of physicochemical a ...

32. Fossil Fuels
Topic: Fossil Fuels
Published: 6/1/1980
Authors: J. W. Farrington, J. Albaiges, K. A. Burns, B. P. Dunn, P. Eaton, J. L. Laseter, P. L. Parker, Stephen A Wise

33. Investigating the Unique Properties of Cuphea Derived Biodiesel with the Advanced Distillation Curve Method
Topic: Fossil Fuels
Published: 5/17/2010
Authors: Tara M Lovestead, Bret Windom, Thomas J Bruno
Abstract: Currently, there is a desire to extend or enhance petroleum-derived diesel fuel with biodiesel fuel. Biodiesel fuel is a renewable, biomass-derived fluid that is biodegradable, nontoxic, and a better lubricant compared to petroleum-derived diesel fu ...

34. Mass diffusion of organic fluids: a molecular dynamics perspective
Series: Technical Note (NIST TN)
Report Number: 1805
Topic: Fossil Fuels
Published: 5/31/2013
Authors: Alexander Y Smolyanitsky, Andrei F Kazakov, Thomas J Bruno, Marcia L Huber
Abstract: A well-established interaction potential, the Optimized Potential for Liquid Simulation All-Atom (OPLS-AA) force-field, within the MD framework was used to determine self- and mutual diffusivity of several near-critical and supercritical fluids. ...

35. Materials Challenges in Carbon Mitigation Technologies
Topic: Fossil Fuels
Published: 4/24/2012
Authors: Laura Espinal, Bryan D. Morreale
Abstract: Thermochemical conversion of fossil fuels currently dominates the national and global energy portfolio, with the most notable being the stationary power production and transportation vehicles sectors. As global energy demand continues to increase, p ...

36. Measurements and Modeling Study on a High-Aromatic Diesel Fuel
Topic: Fossil Fuels
Published: 1/31/2012
Authors: Bret Windom, Marcia L Huber, Thomas J Bruno, A L Lown, C T Lira
Abstract: The increasing cost of diesel fuel, potential for supply disruptions, and environmental concerns have resulted in a great deal of research to improve the performance and efficiency of diesel engines. This includes significant efforts in the reformul ...

37. Measurements of Density and Speed of Sound of JP-10 and Comparison to Rocket Propellants and Jet Fuels
Topic: Fossil Fuels
Published: 2/14/2011
Authors: Stephanie L Outcalt, Arno R Laesecke
Abstract: Densities of the missile fuel JP-10 were measured with two vibrating-tube densimeters. The combined range of the data is from 270 K to 470 K with pressures to 30 MPa. The speed of sound in the fuel was measured with a propagation time method at ambie ...

38. Measuring the sulfur content and corrosivity of North American petroleum with the advanced distillation curve method
Topic: Fossil Fuels
Published: 2/5/2014
Authors: Peter Y. Hsieh, Thomas J Bruno
Abstract: Petroleum is a complex fluid whose sulfur content varies considerably depending on its place of origin. Sour crude petroleum, which contains more than 0.5 % sulfur by mass, often requires additional processing due to the potential for corrosion and ...

39. Method and Apparatus for Precision In-Line Sampling of Distillate
Topic: Fossil Fuels
Published: 2/26/2006
Author: Thomas J Bruno
Abstract: In this short note we present a method and a simple apparatus for use with simple, fractional and steam distillation operations in which the operator requires a precise measurement of instantaneous distillate composition as the distillation proceeds. ...

40. Method and Apparatus for the Thermal Stress of Complex Fluids: Application to Fuels
Topic: Fossil Fuels
Published: 5/2/2011
Authors: Thomas J Bruno, Bret Windom
Abstract: In this brief paper we describe a simple apparatus that can produce sufficient quantities of thermally stressed complex fluids (such as fuels) to allow a full range of thermophysical property measurements to be performed on the resulting fluid. The ...

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