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1. A Comparison of the Hypersonic Vehicle Fuel JP-7 to the Rocket Propellants RP-1 and RP-2 Using the Advanced Distillation Curve Method
Topic: Fossil Fuels
Published: 6/15/2009
Authors: Tara M Lovestead, Thomas J Bruno
Abstract: JP-7 is a hydrocarbon-based kerosene fraction with a low volatility and high thermal stability. JP-7 was developed in the 1950s to meet the more stringent requirements necessary for the development of high-altitude reconnaissance planes that fly at ...

2. A thermodynamic investigation of the cellulose allomorphs: cellulose(am), cellulose I¿(cr), cellulose II(cr), and cellulose III(cr)
Topic: Fossil Fuels
Published: 11/11/2014
Authors: Robert Nathan Goldberg, Jacob Schliesser, Ashutosh Mittal, Stephen R Decker, Ana Filipa L.O.M. Santos, Vera L.S. Freitas, Aaron A Urbas, Brian E Lang, Christian Heisse, Maria D. M. C. Ribeiro da Silva, Brian F Woodfield, Rui Katahira, Wei Wang, David K Johnson
Abstract: The thermochemistry of samples of amorphous cellulose, cellulose I, cellulose II, and cellulose III was studied by using oxygen bomb calorimetry, solution calorimetry in which the solvent was cadoxen, and with a Physical Property Measurement System ...

3. An Experimental and Kinetic Modeling Study of N-dodecane Pyrolysis and Oxidation in a Flow Reactor
Topic: Fossil Fuels
Published: 8/31/2015
Authors: S. Banerjee, Rei Tangko, David A Sheen, Hai Wang, Craig Thomas Bowman
Abstract: N-dodecane (n-C12H26) is a straight chain alkane that forms an important constituent of surrogate blends for common aviation fuels such as JP8 and Jet-A. The current study investigates n-dodecane pyrolysis and oxidation kinetics in the intermedia ...

4. Application of a Composition-Explicit Distillation Curve Metrology to Mixtures of Jet-A and S-8
Topic: Fossil Fuels
Published: 2/19/2008
Authors: Thomas J Bruno, Beverly L. Smith
Abstract: We have recently introduced several important improvements in the measurement of distillation curves for complex fluids. The modifications to the classical measurement provide for (1) temperature and volume measurements of low uncertainty, (2) tempe ...

5. Assessment of Variability in the Thermophysical Properties of Rocket Propellant RP-1
Topic: Fossil Fuels
Published: 6/14/2012
Author: Tara J Fortin
Abstract: Density, speed of sound, and viscosity has been measured for eleven orthogonal blends of the rocket propellant RP-1. Density and speed of sound were measured over the temperature range of 278 K to 343 K, while viscosity was measured from 263 K to 373 ...

6. Assessment of the Thermophysical Properties of Thermally Stressed RP-1 and RP-2
Topic: Fossil Fuels
Published: 5/2/2013
Authors: Tara J Fortin, Thomas J Bruno
Abstract: Density, speed of sound, and viscosity have been measured for samples of RP-1 and RP-2 that were stressed for 0.5 min at 475 °C and 510 °C at a pressure of 17 MPa. Density and speed of sound were measured from 5 °C to 50 °C for the samples stressed ...

7. Chemical and Thermophysical Characterization of 1,3,5-triisopropylcyclohexane
Topic: Fossil Fuels
Published: 7/17/2012
Authors: Thomas J Bruno, Tara J Fortin, Tara M Lovestead, Jason A Widegren
Abstract: The complex nature of finished fuels makes definitive studies on composition and combustion properties very difficult and uncertain. This has led to the adoption of fuel surrogate mixtures in such studies. The development of a surrogate mixture is ...

8. Comparison of Biomass-Derived Turbine Fuels with the Composition-Explicit Distillation Curve Method
Topic: Fossil Fuels
Published: 3/6/2011
Authors: Thomas J Bruno, Evgenii Baibourine
Abstract: In recent years, civilian and military users of aviation kerosene have been interested in expanding the scope of fuel feed stocks to include non-petroleum sources. The most well known examples of such alternative sources of fuel are the Fisher-Trops ...

9. Comparison of Diesel Fuel Oxygenate Additives with Composition-Explicit Distillation Curve Method Part 3: t-Butyl Glycerols
Topic: Fossil Fuels
Published: 5/2/2011
Authors: Tara M Lovestead, Thomas J Bruno
Abstract: Interest in the domestic production of all fuels, sparked by the high cost of petroleum crude oil, has led to consideration of fluids to replace or extend conventional petroleum-derived fuels. There is particular interest in formulating oxygenated d ...

10. Complex Fluid Analysis with the Advanced Distillation Curve Approach
Topic: Fossil Fuels
Published: 2/1/2010
Authors: Thomas J Bruno, Lisa S. Ott, Beverly L. Smith, Tara M Lovestead
Abstract: An improved method for measuring distillation curves reveals the physicochemical properties of complex fluids such as fuels.

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