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1. 18th International Conference on Low Temperature Physics (LT-18)
Topic: Superconductors
Published: 8/1/1988
Authors: John M Moreland, H Hirabayashi

2. 1V and 10V SNS Programmable Voltage Standards for 70 GHz
Topic: Superconductors
Published: 6/3/2009
Authors: Franz Mueller, Ralf Behr, T. Weimann, Luis Palafox, David Inocencio Olaya, Paul David Dresselhaus, Samuel Paul Benz
Abstract: Programmable Josephson voltage standards (PJVSs) in combination with fast switchable DC current sources have opened up new applications in the field of low frequency AC metrology. The growing interest in output voltages of up to 10 V init ...

3. A Comparison of Methods for Computing the Residual Resistivity Ratio of High-Purity Niobium
Topic: Superconductors
Published: 2/17/2011
Authors: Jolene D Splett, Dominic F. (Dominic F.) Vecchia, Loren Frederick Goodrich
Abstract: We compare methods for estimating the residual resistivity ratio (RRR) of high-purity niobium samples and investigate the effects of using different functional models on the final value. RRR is typically defined as the ratio of the electrical resista ...

4. A Flexible High-Current Lead for Use in High-Magnetic-Field Cryogenic Environments
Topic: Superconductors
Published: 8/1/1999
Authors: P Kirkpatrick, John (Jack) Ekin, S L Bray

5. A Technique for Preparing Homogeneous Bulk Samples of Concentrated Alloys
Topic: Superconductors
Published: 1/1/1975
Authors: John (Jack) Ekin, V A Deason

6. AC Susceptibility Measurements Near the Critical Temperature of a Y-Ba-Cu-O Superconductor
Topic: Superconductors
Published: 1/1/1987
Authors: Ronald B Goldfarb, Alan F. Clark

7. Advanced Metrology for Nanoelectronics at the National Institute of Standards and Technology
Topic: Superconductors
Published: 3/11/2009
Authors: Joaquin (Jack) Martinez, Yaw S Obeng, Stephen Knight
Abstract: A broad range of programs at the National Institute of Standards and Technology address critical metrology and characterization challenges facing the nanoelectronics industry. A brief history of the program will be included. From these programs we ...

8. Ag Screen Contacts to Sintered YBa^d2^Cu^d3^O^dx^ Powder for Rapid Superconductor Characterization
Topic: Superconductors
Published: 3/1/1989
Authors: John M Moreland, Loren Frederick Goodrich

9. Alternating-Field Susceptometry and Magnetic Susceptibility of Superconductors
Topic: Superconductors
Published: 1/1/1991
Authors: Ronald B Goldfarb, M Lelental, C A Thompson

10. Alternating-Field Susceptometry and Magnetic Susceptibility of Superconductors
Series: NIST Interagency/Internal Report (NISTIR)
Report Number: 91-3977
Topic: Superconductors
Published: 10/1/1991
Authors: Ronald B Goldfarb, M Lelental, C A Thompson

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